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Not by a long shot.

I stopped listening to ALL their podcasts, just because of Leo; even Windows Weekly, and I love Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley.

(Paul’s the reason I bought a Windows Phone in the first place! Thanks, Paul.)

Well, I guess that’s ONE good thing you can say about the man. :grin:

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I still listen to Windows Weekly and TWIG. TWIG is on thin ice, though, as Jeff is on less and less often, and I’m over Leo and Stacey teaming up to technopanic every week. It’s been so much better with Jason hosting it the last couple of weeks.

(Bob Johnson) #63

I do like to listen to windows weekly. I haven’t very much lately, suppose I need to start it up again. Mainly I listen because I like they way Paul will occasionally make Leo look moronic. Leo has a problem keeping things straight. Wheather it’s network protocols or what country is effing over another country, when Leo gets it wrong, Paul nonchalantly corrects it passively. Always makes me roll.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #64

Leo doesn’t concentrate on what the guests say, that’s his main issue. (I did radio for a long time, and this pisses me off more than most things. It’s your ONE job, basically, at least pretend to bother.)

Also, and this is weird, but I much prefer Paul on podcasts then on his website.

(Bob Johnson) #65

Lol… yes, I’ve noticed Leo often disconnects from the show, mentally I assume as I don’t watch the videos. Steve will be going through a long explanation of how some protocol works, and gets to a point where he expects Leo to chime in, or he asks Leo a question, and Leo doesn’t catch it. I picture Leo sitting on his ball making racist or sexist jokes at the rest of the staffs dismay. Not saying he is racist or sexist, but as far as he is concerned, they aren’t off limits to him.

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You don’t have to. He proves it himself; just give him enough time.

Anytime you start a sentence with “I don’t want to be racist…”, it’s a good chance you are.

(Bob Johnson) #67

I enjoy going down YouTube rabbit holes looking for classical music. Once in a while i’ll See an old Looney Toones cartoon, usually it’s Bugs Bunny, that is themed on a great classic. It gets me going, and I gotta hear it.

Like I said, a rabbit hole. This time I ended up with Dvorak’s 9th. It’s right up there with Beethoven’s 9th in my opinion.

…oh by the way, as Gustav walks up to the podium, I could just hear the whispers, “Leopold?”. You probably got to be in your late 40’s or so to get that reference, a as big as geek I am :sunglasses:

Then the 4th movement hit me. I was stunned. I already knew this piece, it was so familiar, yet was the first time I heard it. How is this possible? I do beleive John Williams may have ripped off Dvorak a wee little bit.

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Yeah, I love John Willams as much as the next guy, but I’m not sure he’s ever come up with anything truly original in his life.

(Bob Johnson) #69

Speaking of that… :thinking:

I seem to remember on the Johnny Carson show, this guy took the sheet music to Born Free. Turned it upside down, and played it that way. Upside down and backwards. It was the Star Wars theme.

I’m curious if you might have any insight into this being of the musical type. (Me, sadly can’t carry a tune in a sealed jar without losing it.)

(TJ Borden) #70

:joy::joy::joy: that’s awesome. I’ll have to search for that clip.

I would guess it was just done as a skit to poke fun. I do remember HUGE overlaps between Star Wars and Indiana Jones themes as a kid.

Your timing is perfect to. I have Pandora on and Dvorak Symphony no 9 came on, which was the inspiration for the JAWS theme.

(Bob Johnson) #71

Really? I have heard others say it sounds like the Jaws theme to them too. But I can’t hear it. Too many Imperial Storm Troopers marching through, I didn’t see the shark. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Bob Johnson) #72

Ahem… cough this is the internet… no coincidences. Simply the ‘algos’ Listening in and trying their damndest to link you to something relevant. Just like the Chevrolet ads you are about to receive :sunglasses:

(Bob Johnson) #73

So I just watched the Muchiner (sp?) Philharmonika version of the entire 9th. I felt like I was on a slow train with Celibidache conducting. He looks like a mafia Don, telling his wise guys what to do :rofl:. Watching him with his slow as a snails pace version of this nearly put me to sleep. I need to watch the entire thing again with Gustavo Dudamel conducting it. I’ll probably have some interesting looney toons dreams tonight!:cowboy_hat_face:


This is a beautiful piece of music but I love Dvorak’s “The American Suite”; it is one of my favorites!


Hey Bob, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the AMC tv show “Halt and Catch Fire”, but I bet you would really, really like it. It’s fiction but takes place in the era you’re talking about. I think it’s on NetFlix. Anyway, enjoyed the read!

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My first memory of classical music is the Blue Danube. A cartoon with Daffy Duck swimming to it. I grew up where classical music was not played, Hank Williams was considered classic.

Went looking for the Daffy cartoon but found this instead, I remember watching this too as a child.

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Is that classical music? Yes Doctor, it would seem to be.

(Bob Johnson) #78

Yes I did see the first few episodes. It seems loosely based on Compaq starting out. I’ll need to go revisit it. Thanks for reminding me about it. :sunglasses:

(Bob ) #79

Just ran across this thread. I don’t see anyone claiming the same first computer as mine. An S-100 bus computer. Homemade, but by a friend and not by me. Cassette tape drive. It had an 80 column monochrome display because we worked in computer process control systems and had some Lear Siegler monitors available.

Too much else to “me, too” respond.

(TJ Borden) #80

That is an EPIC SCENE :+1::+1: