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YOU have more hair


I loved that ep!

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Looney Tunes and Fantasia did a great job of selling modern music (well, it was modern, back then!) to the public.

Oh, and check out “What’s Opera Doc?” with Bugs and Elmer, for a good classical laugh.

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There were several like that. Two that come to mind right away is “Barber of Seville” and “Wagners Ring” which I think was the one you mentioned, “what’s Opera Doc?” famous for “I’m going to kill da wabbit!”

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And … Leo’s back, Jeff’s off somewhere as usual and I just unsubscribed. Pisses me off that I’ve done that, but staying subscribed was the worse option.

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Half the time when Leo technopanics, it’s not even for the reasons he really thinks it’s worthy getting worked up about. That’s what I get from him on SecurityNow anyway. I hear Steve explain something (that I might already know, and sure Leo must know) and Leo is, “ Oh no! That means everyone needs to…”. No Leo, it means you just need to pay attention.

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Or as we used to say (though not, alas! to the customers :frowning_face: ) on my old tech-support team, “RTFM!!!”

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With Leo, PEBKAC works perfectly…

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Lol… used both of those acronyms when I worked in the Cox call center. Would put it on customer account notes with highlights around the text (could type in ANSI codes for text). I was a bad boy.

I guess it stems from my USAF career working on weapons systems of fighter jets. If a pilot wrote up an aircraft with having a weapons problem, and it couldn’t be reproduced, I would sign it of as “swapped out stick actuator”. I got some sour looks from the pilots, but for the most part they would be a little more honest about making mistakes in the cockpit. [true story: I had a pilot write up the radar system, “RADAR does not work in the O-F-F mode”]

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Is that the new Odentification Friend or Foe mode?

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There was the inexeperienced young woman who asked me how to turn on her computer. I said look for the power switch and put it in the “On” position. She asked where the power switch on her computer was. I said I didn’t know, but usually it was on the front, one of the sides, or the back.

Then there was the gentleman who called a co-worker to complain that the “cup-holder” on his brand-new desktop PC kept disappearing. (Hint: CD drives were still new, back in those days.)

The same co-worker sent a floppy diskette (yes, I’m that old) to a customer with instructions to call her when it arrived. He duly called, and when she told him to “Put the diskette in the drive and close the door,” he got up and closed the door to his office.

All true stories, alas!

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And I was a bad girl, can’t recall how many tickets I did with; Cause of problem? ID10T

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There was a field next to customer ‘name’ to allow for titles, like ‘Doctor’ et al. It was often filled with ID10T. My trainer said he didn’t know what that meant. I asked if anyone else in the class spoke L337, and several hands went up. We all had a geek group giggle.

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We’ve still got a bunch of those 3.5 in disks at the office (unopened). I’m going to pass them out as Christmas gifts, and tell everyone they’re 3D Printed “Save” buttons. Not my joke I read that somewhere, but we do have the disks at work. :grin:


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You’re so L337!

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Well, at the very least, I can use a universal converter. :grin:

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With the 7 layer OSI model, we used to do similar by calling a layer 8 error.


Great thread! I’m a bit younger than most of the posters looking at the responses but my first box that wasn’t a family computer was a dual celeron 300A overclocked to 600mhz on an ABIT BP6 board. I ran Slackware 24/7 through college and learned a whole lot on that guy. Some friends and I chipped in and had a colocated server for IRC & development purposes. Rigged up my two way pager and a free X10 home automation kit that I got from slashdot to a box fan we had at the dorm and a desktop light. Chassis was a HUGE supermicro 10-bay with plenty of space inside. Was super excited that we had a T1 line shared for the whole dorm until I learned the nearby University had a T3!

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Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: