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I find my liking of The Expanse series amusing, because one of the two authors is/was GRR Martin’s personal assistant, and I detest Mr “never use one word where 900 or more will do” with a passion :slight_smile:


There are two authors?

Edit: just looked it up, and I had no idea it was a pseudonym. Very interesting.

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Damn it, the wrong part triggered her.


I can’t be triggered twice over the same thing! Or maybe I can, but not twice in the same day. LOL

Just FYI, that did make me laugh out loud.

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I have always been, and always shall be, a big Star Trek fan. I was born in 1963, just a few years before the series debuted. I can remember as a little kid being jazzed up because I was gonna see Kirk and Spock and Bones.

In 1989 I got orders to RAF Lakenhearh England. The church I went to there had a lot of military guys in it. Mostly American families anyway. There were a bunch of us Trek fans. And one guy, was getting VHS tapes from back home. With 6 episodes of Next Generation on it. Mostly was us Trek fans interested in borrowing that tape, but some that had been there for a few years WITHOUT a TV just wanted to watch anything, even the commercials :rofl:. A lot of them got hooked on Star Trek then.

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Here’s something I think you will enjoy if you have been following this thread, or the thread that spurred this on into existence… the thread about being nice to each other? Anyway, it devolved into a lot of different topics rather quickly.

The IT crowd. Most people I know around here (as in local here, not forum here) haven’t even heard of it. And the few that have, keep calling it the “it” crowd, leaving me to correct them and explain what I.T. is.

It’s a British comedy. Major Corp IT department. I wish it went on for more seasons. But it went out with Hugh ratings at least.

There was another, Black Book? It’s Parallel to IT crowd, in a bookstore. It was on and off Netflix so fast I didn’t get to see all the episodes. But what I did see was ok funny.

My favorite episode is torn between two episodes. I was laughing so hard I was useless. The wife was asking me questions, and I couldn’t answer. I laughed so hard at one point, she was scared I was gonna hurt myself. Trying to remember the episode titles off the top of my head, “work outing” and “bad boys”.


That’s a great story!! In the mid-90s I was working on a project in Charlotte (was a consultant at the time, travelled a ton) and I remember all of us who were there from out-of-town gathering excitedly in the hotel bar to watch the debut of Voyager. :blush:

I’ve also always adored Patrick Stewart. Another funny moment from my 20s, when I was hanging out with some girlfriends and the topic turned to “who is the sexiest old bald man?” I had to say Patrick Stewart.

Poor guy probably wasn’t even that old at the time. LOL But you’ll have to forgive me, I was something like 24 at the time.


Long running British comedies are the exception rather than the rule, especially among that group. Gareth Marenghi’s Dark Place is pretty great if you haven’t seen it yet.

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Discworld for starters, but Good Omens writtem with Neil Gaiman is fab as well.

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I think the I/O was from a 4-digit display with keyboard. Instructions were input as a 2-digit noun and a 2-digit verb. Even the lingo has changed because they are all instructions now.

Aldrin: 1202 alarm!

Capcom: You are GO on 1202

Those were the days.

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I first used an Alpha Micro. I met Bill Gates at an Alpha Micro users meeting when he and Paul Allen traveled around introducing clubs to DOS. Over the years, I used Macs and PS2, and clones, even worked with AS400s. I betaed both Windows 95 and OS/2 or Warp as some liked to call it. If they had worked to get better drivers for the then new CD drives and other hardware, OS/2 might have come out on top. But they didn’t listen. Ironically I ended up working at IBM, I had lots of experience with Windows products, got the job offer at my interview.

I like Star Trek the best, 2nd gen. is my favorite but I still love watching the originals. I was also a big fan of Deep Space Nine. Kira rocked.

I enjoy anything by Terry Pratchett. And I am slowly rereading Clark and Asimov’s books as I find them in ebook form. I plan to revisit the Dune series as well. And Animal Farm and 1984 are books I re read often. Feels kinda like we are currently living on the Animal Farm these days.

Thanks for opening up this thread, I’m enjoying it a lot.

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Oh, yeah…

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You are quite welcome.

[removes hat, swings it out in a wide arc as he takes a bow down to one knee. He releases the hat, it rolls down his arm, and as it crosses over his shoulders he brings in the first arm while swing out the other in a fluid motion. The hat continues down to the upturned palm.]

My pleasure :cowboy_hat_face:

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There was a Cray-2 at Langley up to the mid 80s that used to run flight simulations. I think the only computers that went to the moon (last manned flight Apollo 17 was 1972) had rope-memory measured in kilobits. Let’s face it, a lot of the ground engineers were still using slide rules in the '60s and '70s.


Oh yes! I had a HUGE crush on Patrick Stewart since Star Trek TNG came out. So sexy!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I feel your pain. I get addicted to them. The Frontiers Saga are relatively short I think. Appx 300 pages. Not really sure though since I’m reading them on my Kindle.

Here lately, as in the past few years, I’ve been relying of Steve Gibson of the SecurityNow podcast, for sci-fi recommendations. He hasn’t let me down yet.

Once I get finished with this series, I plan on getting back into the Honor Harrington books. I’ve read the first one, and pretty sure I have the second one on a hard drive laying around somewhere :roll_eyes:. Then after that, I think it’s time I look at The Lost Fleet.

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Speaking of Steve Tiberius Gibson, here is a link to an episode of the SecurityNow! podcast. Nothing to do with security. Or computers. Or keto. Just him telling a story of when he was a kid, and the trouble he got into with his hobby. It’s the story of “The Portable Dog Killer”. Somewhere on his website he has schematics for several versions of this. I REALLLY need to build one of these :sunglasses:

Jump to about 47 minutes in to get to his story. The first 44 minutes are about current security issues back in 2010.

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I used to love to listen to SecurityNow!, but I got so sick of Leo, I just couldn’t handle it anymore. :frowning:

But that episode was good!

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+1. The episodes of everything are a thousand times better when Jason hosts. Leo’s brain has retired and he needs to follow it out the door.

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Wow. I thought I was the only one annoyed by Leo. :thinking:

I had heard on one SecurityNow! podcast, that Leo had fired John C. Dvorak from his other shows. I don’t know how many that would be, maybe just one. But Leo really can’t stand him. You could hear it in Leo’s voice when talking about it. Probably because John was very outspoken about world politics, would deconstruct the news, and [insert goat scream here] piss off his guests.

So Leo is responsible for introducing me to the NoAgenda podcast, TBPCITU.