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YES totally!! I loved these but read them before I started on audiobooks, I still think they are better reading than listening, though the narrator isn’t terrible. Hence didn’t make it on my list, but I still recommend them. There are some good novellas tacked on too, now.

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I just want to say how much I love this new thread! I took a telcom training class earlier this year for work and the instructor gave some insight on how we should refer to ourselves as “Technologically Inclined” instead of geeks or nerds. Lol! I suppose it depends on the person…

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We have already loved many of the same audiobooks, which leaves me very eager to get into the divergent titles that I haven’t already read!

I’ll add my recommendation for one Audible recording that came to mind while reading your list, especially if you like Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars. It’s presented in iambic pentameter. It has some added sound effects, which isn’t my favorite thing about the recording. My favorite thing is R2D2’s internal dialog, it often made me roll with laughter!


I’ll definitely check it out. So funny, I am currently making my way through The Hollow Crown on Amazon Video, enjoying his historical plays for probably the first time ever. It was too hard to get lost trying to understand the words in rapidly delivered dialogue when I’ve seen them performed, but I’m watching with the captions on and that’s much better for me.

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I’ve been thinking about reading the Divergent books too… maybe I’ll start those next. I thought the Hunger Games books were good, and the movies were disappointing. Big surprise, right?

(Diane) #26

It’s helpful that I know the Star Wars movies dialogue and plot so very well! I find I didn’t have any issues with the oral presentation of the material.


I know @Robert_Johnson probably didn’t have YA in mind when he started a geek thread (sorry Bob!) but on the topic of YA, I’d like to recommend Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series. I read them on the Kindle, not in audiobook so I can’t vouch for narration. But I thought it was better than the Divergent series and about as good as the Hunger Games (just my two cents on that).

(Diane) #28

I didn’t like the Divergent series as much as the Hunger Games. I did read them on Kindle, haven’t listened to them on Audio. Didn’t feel like it was a waste of my money and did read all the books in the series. Haven’t felt the need to go back and reread them.

(This is how I rate movies sometimes: Was it worth paying full price? Should I have waited until it hit the $1 movie theater? Or video? And would I pay to see it again anytime soon?).

(Diane) #29

I agree! I liked the Uglies series better than Divergent. Also read in the Kindle version, not Audible.

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Yes please! I’m sadly outdated on my Star Wars universe reading.

I’ve already read the Timothy Zahn trilogy, though I haven’t listened to the Audible versions. Just checked Audible, OMG there are more Timothy Zahn Star Wars titles which I haven’t already read!

It’s been a long time since I’ve read much Star Trek fiction. I recall some of my favorites being the Star Trek Logs 1 to 10. They were novelizations of the animated series and were written by Alan Dean Foster. Mine disappeared during a move, I still need to replace them. So, it’s been awhile since I read them (maybe 20+ years)!


Will do! Have you already watched the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series? Wondering because some of the best books make the most sense if you’ve seen these.

And I love Zahn’s Thrawn series books, especially the early ones. So well narrated also.

(Diane) #32

Added to my list! I’ll hunt these down.

I see I’ll need to add these Audible titles to my wish list!


Clone Wars is on Netflix, but you’ll have to find/add both the first episode (listed separately, it’s longer than the others) and the rest of the series. Rebels might be free on the Disney app (but the app sucks, fair warning), or you can pay for it on other streaming services. Actually, what I did was set my DVR to record every episode of Rebels and then ignored it for a few months, eventually I ended up with recordings of the full series. Referred online for the order in which to watch them. Not sure if they are still airing though. I’m kind of jealous you get to watch Clone Wars for the first time. :blush:

Oh I thought these were the ones you meant when you were talking about Timothy Zahn. Some of the events and people in his Thrawn series have been stripped from SW canon since they started to make the new movies a few years ago, but they are still worth it!

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Yeah…sorry @Robert_Johnson for sort of taking the thread toward YA reading.

So, I do enjoy the Star Wars movies, however I have a much deeper respect for Star Trek for so many reasons and I haven’t even made it through all of the seasons and movies. It’s so good that I can’t even decide who my favorite character is!

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My kindle may explode from all these recommendations :wink: my 2p worth, Greg Bear & Iain M Banks for sci fi, Terry Pratchett & Simon R Green for fantasy.
Oh and my first computer was a Spectrum ZX, never got into coding but loved the games, Curse of Sherwood & Gauntlet in particular.


I’ve been eyeing those Terry Pratchett books for a long time, maybe I should just give in. Would you recommend starting with that series (Discworld, I think?) or a different book? I am not familiar with the others, I’m excited to have some new titles to add to my list as well!

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Loved loved LOVED “The Martian.” Hated the second book from Weir as much as I hated RPO :slight_smile:


The Expanse series is great. Nine books planned, IIRC.

REALLY liked the first one, the second and third were OK.

Yeah, also really interesting.


Yeah, Artemis was a disappointing follow up from Weir. No question I’ll read everything he writes in the future though. I can only imagine the pressure a writer must feel when their debut novel is a hit the way The Martian was. And I can see how RPO is one of those books you either love or hate!

(Bob Johnson) #39

I never heard about the Expanse until it was a TV series. Damn good series too! I’m guessing it just ends there, where everything is connected (trying not to be a spoiler).


I’m so glad you’re back! I was afraid we had run you off with the sidetrack about books.

No, it goes on beyond where the last season of The Expanse ended. I think the books are probably worth it even if you’ve already seen the series.