Gaining Weight on Keto diet ? Why?


(Elizabeth Brents Farran) #32

I too recently just started having this problem of gaining weight I don’t know if it’s the heat. I’ve been in ketosis for months (March 20th) I’m under 20 carbs a day my macros are perfect I’m drinking over 130 ounces of water a day I’m anal about weighing myself though. I haven’t cheated it’s kind of freaking me out that I have put on 2 pounds I know it’s possibly water weight. I’m exercising. Ahhhh I’m just frustrated. Yes I do my bulletproof coffee every morning with MCT and Kerry gold butter And 40% heavy whipping cream and coconut oil. Taking all of my supplements like I’m supposed to. Freaking out here.

(Siobhan) #33

What about measurements? 2 lbs is honestly nothing, sounds like normal fluctuation, could be inflammation, increased muscle mass, bone density, or a liter of water.
Your inches will probably say more than weight.
And how your clothes fit.

(KCKO, KCFO) #34

If you are exercising, your muscles are gonna suck up that water, to repair themselves. How long has the two lbs. been on, not long I would guess. Your body has to adjust to the stuff you throw at it, muscle wear and tear, diet changes, etc. Chill out and be kind to your body, it might take it some time to adjust to all you are doing.

Get some feed back from some place besides your scale as well. Measurement, clothes, progress pictures (dig up a picture at your start weight or higher if you have one and compare current pictures.

Remember to hit the carb target, the protein target and use enough fats to not feel hungry.

Keep calm…

(Elizabeth Brents Farran) #35

I’m under my carb target consistently

(What The Fast?!) #36

How do your clothes fit? How long has the 2 lbs there? I fluctuate up to 5 lbs in a week.

(Shawn) #37

I’ve read that shredded cheeses typically have corn starch added to keep it from sticking together and given the rules which allow ingredients to not be disclosed if they are too low to register I wonder if this may be part of the issue??

I’ve also had some of the same problems as you’ve described. Gained weight even though I’ve been very cognizant of what I’m taking in. I personally believe, for me, this is due to 50 years of dietary abuse I’ve caused my body.

Have you tried an egg fast? I lost 10lbs one week on an egg fast then gained back about 2.5lbs after for a net loss of 7.5lbs.

Not sure how people here feel about this type of fasting?

(Sheri Knauer) #38

Don’t worry about 2lbs. Just keto on. Ive been strict keto almost 10 months and my weight can fluctuate up or down 5lbs and given day. Put your scale in the basement, unused closet, garbage can, etc. Go by the way you feel and how your clothes fit. That is a much better indicator than what the lying scale says. They have been known to be dirty, rotten liars.

(Siobhan) #40

Maybe, but I don’t think it’s fair to “questions someone’s motivation” because they eat fathead pizza, or keto souffle.
I am very obviously fat adapted, though I don’t test blood ketones, and yet I made keto brownies on Friday. And ate them, even. I made substitution recipes (mostly curry, and some desserts) at the beginning too, and it helped me keep with it. I’ve found that when some start they sometimes try to find substitutes to things they used to eat, to help ease the transition - I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. I did the same thing. I still do (keto mcgriddle? brownies? cheesecake? sure), but I’m still keto.
I don’t think anyone is more or less keto for wanting ice cream or waffles. Someone may be very motivated to go keto due to health concerns, but at the same time the lack of familiar foods may intimidate them, and a substitute recipe may help keep them on track. If it helps them stay keto and get used to everything, where is the issue?

Now granted there’s some n=1 here because some people react negatively to what is in the substitutes (nut flours, artificial/alternative sweeteners, dairy) but this is going to vary by person, so I’m not sure a blanket statement can really apply. Some people do better knowing that there is always something like egg noodles to eat with their fettucine alfredo and some dislike the idea of substitutes as an idea and consider it “cheating”.

Perhaps I am just misunderstanding the intention of your post here, but the “questioning motivations” part came off, to me, as rather judgemental.

EDIT: However I will add that if someone is going into keto and getting overwhelmed with specialty recipes, it can definitely be beneficial to stick with simple meals - it depends on the person

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #41

Hey hey hey hey

You can question my motivation all you want, but to do so would make you look bad. And foolish. Why?

I’ve been very successfully ketogenic three years now.

I’ve lost a literal fuckton of weight.
(for reference, a fuckton is equal to ten shitloads).

I also cured T2DM , built incredible muscle mass, cured cyclical depression I had had for years, completely healed the neuropathy in my foot, and the list goes on…

I did it all eating fathead pizza, shiritaki noodles, BPC’s and fatbombs (the horror), Keto desserts and candies.

Keto on my friends

Like @siobhan says "it’s all about n=1
(she’s also highly successful with keto btw).

You want to know my story? Jason Fung is publishing it on his blog Intensive Dietary Management, next week. Also, listen to my story on the 2KetoDudes podcast, episode 21

(Sheri Knauer) #43

I agree. Each person needs to do what works for them. There is no absolute right way, no my way or the highway. Of course there can be wrong ways (eating crappy carbs, frankenfoods, low fat, calorie restriction, etc) but if someone enjoys cooking and following recipes and its working for them, who am I to say, “Oh. You’re doing it wrong! You need to be doing what Im doing!”
Sometimes I keep my meals real simple, other times, I make a huge mess in the kitchen making awesome keto recipes! And I do make keto desserts sometimes too (making cinnamon ice cream with butter pecans real soon). Ive been keto for over 10 months and have been successful at it doing what works for me.
I’d rather read about someone making keto substitutes for foods they used to love and having that help them stay keto than throw in the towel and go back to the SAD diet.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #44

I test my blood AND breath ketones all the time.

I am definately in ketosis every time.

N = 1 PEOPLE !!!

(Siobhan) #45

Agreed! Better for me to have some keto substitution foods at the beginning than get overwhelmed and quit

Also… let us know how the ice cream turns out! Sounda yummy :slight_smile:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #46

Spot on madam.

(Sheri Knauer) #47

The ice cream smells divine and is 100% keto. I posted pics on FB for my husband to see that I made ice cream ( he knows what our ice cream containers look like) and a bunch of people thought I was posting pics of the glass jars and they were filled with Moonshine. I had to explain they were my coconut oil with macadamia nut fat bombs, not moonshine, lol.


I was referring more to “what is your motivation?” and not “are you motivated?”. I mean, you can sip canola oil all day and go into ketosis and likely lose weight. But is that the only goal here? Sorry for any confusion but from the research I’ve done “keto journeys” that start the way the original poster described fail more often than not. I’d love to see the OP chime in here.

(Siobhan) #49

It depends on the person. As @brenda said she did keto substitutes from the beginning, as did I, and we never had issues.
I know someone else, where dessert substitutions cause cravings and binges.
There is not really anything really inherent about motivations that subs say.
Perhaps it CAN say that the person isnt ready to fully commit, or is uncomfortable, or unsure if it will work but it could also mean they just like pizza.

What are you even referring to here? Over all health? Because there is nothing inherently unhealthy about keto pizza. Even uses “real” ingredients (almond flour or pork rinds, cheese, cream cheese, egg). Same for root beer floats. You can use zevia’s root beer flavor (stevia/erythritol sweetened) and home made ice cream (stevia or erythritol or monk fruit sweetener).
Even if you just used diet rootbeer and halo top or arctic zero there is not really inherently unhealthy (although I think there might be whey protein in one of those) and the effects of aspartame varies WIDELY by person.

So… perhaps I am just missing your point here?
It doesn’t really say anything in particular to me about motivations - weight loss, reversal of depression, etc

What motivated me, as someone who experienced those things and more, is good health and stable mood. For a lot of people that is true. I just also happen to like ice cream, and this doesn’t trigger my mood swings or bloating or joint ache.

If it DID I wouldnt eat it.

So are you saying substitution food is inherently unhealthy even if keto?

If you could expand on your point more I’d be better able to understand your point of view better, which I am interested in doing!


My point is that the intake of quality fats should be priority #1. Artificial sweeteners are a form of trickery, and while they may help some people they can also be a problem as we agree. The OP is was having problems so continually saying “do what works for you” is pointless because what this person is/was doing wasn’t working. I’ve read a lot of research that states cravings for sweet are greatly diminished on keto. So I’d ask, if you feel the need to eat dessert almost daily (especially in the early stages of keto) maybe there is something that isn’t quite right. Just a thought. I really like what the guys say about getting back on track (eat bacon and eggs). They don’t say "eat fathead pizza, rootbeer floats, etc because that stuff comes later when you are on track and fat adapted. Let’s remember the OP was a couple weeks in, you guys are taking this way past where the OP was at the time.

(Siobhan) #51

Well I think the cravings can take a while to diminish, but if it continued I would agree.
I see the recommendation for bacon and eggs in just “it is enjoyable, easy, fool proof, and a complete meal” so basically almost impossible to mess up but not a punishment either.
Plus it mitigates the possibility like POSSIBLE problem ingredients from interfering.

I can see your perspective better now, thank you.
It was mostly the wording that irritated me, I took it to mean “If you eat substitutions you aren’t doing keto right/for the right reasons/your motivation isnt strong enough”

But I think you meant “If you are having a keto root beer float every day what is your motivation for making that particular decision” right?
To make sure it isnt causing cyclical cravings

(Vanessa Cascio Broughton) #52

My “flu” was intense for a week with a fever of about 100.8 and had slightly elevated temperature for 3 weeks total.

I have an autoimmune disease & asthma so I am doing this working closely with a research doctor who specializes in reversing disease naturally.

If someone isn’t losing weight consider carb intake is higher than you realize, healthy fat intake is WAY too low AND you must try 3 meals a day for a week if skipping a meal isn’t proving with results.

I strongly suggest you try something like “bulletproof coffee” for breakfast. First time i did i was starving by 11:25 a.m. so I knew I needed to up the game a little and here is my winning combo:
Hot black coffee
2 raw eggs dissolved in it
1 tbsp “alfresco” brand butter
1 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil
3 tbsp heavy cream
Blend it all together and it whips up like a latte

Good luck!!

(Darlene Horsley) #53

One pint of chocolate Halo Top ice cream contains:

280 calories, 10 grams of fat, 4 grams of saturated fat, 160 mg of cholesterol, 440 mg of sodium, 48 grams of carbohydrate, 8 grams of fiber, 20 grams of sugar, 20 grams of protein, 40% DV calcium, 16% DV iron.