Funny thing happened on the way to the fridge


I didn’t go looking for a snack 3 hours later. I went looking right after the meal BECAUSE I wasn’t satisfied. But what I was saying is that cronometer showed that I had not had enough fat. SO I did decide to add some fat to my meal.Fats can be prepared sweet -agreed? Cream cheese is fat. I had eaten too much protein and too little fat. IS IT ENOUGH NOW??? Gawd people- STOP. NOBODY ASKED A QUESTION. I am being hammered here with all sorts of “I know it better” posts. Its tiresome.

(Marianne) #22

Yes! Who knew that odious vegetables could be so delicious! Used to only be able to have veggies sprayed with Pam and Mrs. Dash - yuck! Now, they are just a conduit for other delicious things - salt, butter, bacon grease cheese, heavy cream…