Freezing meat


I ask my butcher to cut me some rather huge steaks. So I end up with a bunch of thick 1 kg ribeyes. What I want to do is just take one out of the freezer, throw it into the air fryer and thats my meal for the day.
The thick pieces result in the steak getting at least some crust while not being well done in the center since air fryers are not getting very hot.

Now I tried to freeze the steaks separating them with baking paper and aluminum foil. But they are sticking to each other. Aluminum is way worse since it rips easier so I get small aluminum pieces all over the frozen steak that I have to peel off freezing my fingers or by washing my steak. I do not like washing my steaks…

I also don’t want to use plastic bags since I would like to reduce microplastics in my food.

Does anyone have a good trick?

(Edith) #2

Put your meat in a single layer on a tray and freeze it that way. You will have individually frozen steaks that you can plop into whatever storage container you prefer. Just make sure you put it in its containers the same day so you don’t get freezer burn.


I have a small freezer. If I buy 10-15 steaks I can only fit 4-5 of them onto a tray. The others would lay around for too long until the one layer freezes. I basically have one drawer where I can put my steaks in three layers.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #4

Use more butcher’s paper and skip the aluminium foil. If you absolutely must use it, use it on the outside, not next to the meat.

(KM) #5

If you wrap them individually in butcher or parchment paper you can just air fry them right on the paper, it will come loose once the steak is hot. It also helps to pat dry them before wrapping so the juice or water on the outside of the steak doesn’t absorb into the paper and then freeze into ice. My final suggestion would be to smear them with ghee, butter or tallow before wrapping.

(Edith) #6

Double layer in wax paper will also keep them from sticking together. They do still stick with a single layer. Wax paper is a little more flexible than butcher paper.


No tricks needed, wax/parchment paper will solve the sticking. Putting them in ziplock backs doesn’t equal microplastics in your food, not how that works. Microplastics are a result of plastics breaking down, which aside from being totally overblown, isn’t going to happen, you putting your steaks in a ziplock which will stop it from being destroyed in the freezer isn’t the same as dumping trash into the ocean and it slowly breaking down.


As mentioned, I tried baking paper (this is the same as parchment paper, right?) but it still stuck together. I did not try to pack them into baking paper individually. Will try that next time. If that doesn’t help I’ll try to get some butcher paper.

Regarding the microplastics, I read that heating and freezing both break the plastics, breaking off particles. I’d imagine that even due to the friction between food and plastics some of it ends up in the food, even at room temperature. I’d just rather not have it if avoidable.

(B Creighton) #9

It doesn’t sound like your butcher is using butcher’s paper. Virginia suggested my idea of using wax paper. That is a good suggestion. I would use a layer of wax paper on each side, and then vacuum pack anything I freeze. The wax paper will reduce the issue of microplastics for you. The vacuum packing will also eliminate the issue of the fats and cholesterol becoming oxidized in the freezing process.

(Kinnessa ) #10

You can try using parchment paper instead of aluminum foil. It won’t stick to the steak and is more freezer-friendly. To further prevent sticking, you can individually wrap each steak in parchment paper and then place them in a larger freezer-safe container or bag. This should keep your steaks separated and eliminate the hassle of removing aluminum bits or using plastic bags, aligning with your goal of reducing microplastics in your food.


I tried putting every single piece into parchment paper and it worked great. Thanks.