Freelee: The Keto Diet: What they don't tell you

(Pam) #4

Just another great example of the huge misunderstanding about how to properly execute a ketogenic diet. I’ve been on a keto diet for 6 years. The weight has stayed off. Red meat, bacon, and cheese are optional choices for me that I have about every 6 months. My staples are poultry and fish with lots of fresh vegetables. If I eat sausage or something with heavy whipping cream, or sour cream, I feel bad for about 24-36 hours, and start again. I’m now using organic flax and chia seed mix to boost my fiber content. My diet is not high protein by any means. It works when done properly.

(Bob M) #5

Wow, we could not be more different. I’ve been low carb/keto for 6 years. The weight continues to decrease. I eat tons of red meat (believe meat from ruminants is the healthiest for me and the Earth), eat cheese and high fat dairy. Limit or rarely eat vegetables. Will occasionally eat fish or other seafood. Do eat pork sausage and bacon at times, but try to limit it because of the PUFAs. Will eat chicken, but try to limit it because of the PUFAs.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #6

I couldn’t hang through the half truths, myths and total BS. Ketoacidosis? I stopped right there. She’s full of :poop:. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #7

You stopped before the part about how we are all going to die!:rofl:


Life is a fatal condition.

(Kevin Takahashi) #9

A chronic fatal condition! :flushed: :rofl:


:joy: Sigh. Hogwash.

(John) #11

Not worth the time to watch or try to refute.

Like other keto-bashing things, they focus very heavily on things that are only an issue the first few weeks, during carb withdrawal and early fat adaptation. “You get keto flu and your weight loss is water weight.” For the first week, sure.

That is like saying “exercise is bad for you because it makes you out of breath and sore afterwards when you first start.”

All of her “these are the negative health outcomes associated with keto” are both unsubstantiated, but in some cases blatantly false.

(Jack Bennett) #12

Perfect analogy. I’m stealing this from you to counteract all the misinformation that idiots spread…

(Patricia) #13

Poultry, fish, and fresh veggies? Where’s the fat? If I could manage to restrict my eating to just those foods, I wouldn’t have had a weight problem in the first place.

(Heather Meyer) #14

yep…thats her…

(Heather Meyer) #15

I actually tried her diet and gained over 15 lbs in a month. I ate a LOT of bananas…it was grose and the grocery store ran out of ripe bananas. And personally…i dont care what you call it…frozen bananas but through a blender is not ice cream! Its not any form of cream. Its wrong…just wrong.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #16

Me too. It was slow and boring enough but then she got the BASIC information wrong and lost all credibility. If you’re going to argue something, know your stuff!

(Windmill Tilter) #17

Don’t hate; everybody needs to make a living. I bet she’s making some decent money frightening the gullible and peddling her banana diet books.

Now I know why they say “there’s always money in the banana stand”. :yum:

(Keto Koala 🐨) #18

She is :banana::banana::banana:. I didn’t bother with the YouTube video. She is so opinionated and thinks she is the banana goddess of the earth. It’s also annoying how whenever I decide to do Keto she makes videos against it. God, our ancestors 1000 or more years ago ate meat and only sugar (fruit ect) when food was scarce. She is a strange woman that banana chick.

(Keto Koala 🐨) #19

I think she needs a :banana: of a different kind. Might clear her head a bit…Sorry I just couldn’t help myself :joy::joy::joy:

(Keto Koala 🐨) #20

I’ve heard that a lot of people gain weight on her raw till 4 crap. I myself was once tempted to try it. I lasted a day :joy:. It’s amazing she dosent overdose on potassium.


I :two_hearts: Freelee.

We learn a lot from considering a lot of different points of view.

She is an echo chamber antidote. Well, here she is. The echoes are loud over where she is.

If she is unconvincing, that is her worth.

It’s misplacement of energy to be indignant on behalf of others or a community in which we emotionally invest.

The other misplaced thing is she probably regards clicks and views on her video as affirmations of her ideas.

(Jack Bennett) #22

Tell me about it … I’ve been spending too much time on Twitter arguing with vegan activists. I need to stop that. It never goes anywhere and nobody learns anything.

I’d rather read articles written by opposing points of view, where they lay out their best arguments.


Crikey Jack, you need to create yourself a coffee and head on over to the coffee addicts (& coffee addiction deniers) thread.

@Alexaar Alex will sort you out with a dopamine fast.