Freaky Eaters - Raw Meat Addict


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It seems like neither Daniel, nor the “experts” discussed the acidity of the digestive track. I think this is a key thing for anyone eating with raw meat to understand and manage.

Another thing that they are quick to gloss over is that all of these same bad bacteria are found on raw vegetables as well. Do they equally freak out on raw vegans telling them to make sure they cook their salads to 165 F?
The parasite test result may not be that unusual, regardless of whether or not raw meat is being consumed. As I understand it, the parasite concern related to raw meat can be largely mitigated by freezing the meat well below 0 F for a period of time.
I haven’t played much myself with raw meat, but it seems I am getting closer all the time.
I have been feeding my dog raw chicken for about 3 years now, normally ground, packaged and frozen, but sometimes "the manager’s special, straight from the clearance bin… One of the daycare places we took him to freaked out about parasites, so we had him tested a few months ago and there were no signs of parasites.

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@Jody22 should see this thread; he loves to eat raw hamburger and it was freaking out a few of us on the “What did you Keto today?” thread =).

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You Rang? … LOL

I’m here now!

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I just thought that you might find this article interesting or have some comments on it, as it reminded me of your ground beef lunch the other day =).

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Susan, I thought the same exact thing lol.

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He didn’t comment when he saw it here though, so I hope he isn’t mad at me; I just thought he would find it interesting and might want to comment…

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Nah doubt he’s mad. No reason to be.

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I hope not =).

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Not at all. I just didn’t have time to watch the video last night (I think I’ve seen it before however). I will watch it today and comment more.

I think it’s funny that 2 of you thought of me when “Freaky Eaters” came up. :rofl: Not even upset … I know I am one that will try almost anything and even if I don’t like it, I will 99% of the time try it at LEAST once more to make sure.

When I first ate sea urchin at the sushi place, I HATED it, but I tried it a second time and it wasn’t as bad … by the third time I was hooked and now I love it. Conversely, I received my Carnivore Crate and in it was a meat that had mold on it. It was supposed to and there was even a sticker that said “More mold makes it better” … but they and that sticker LIED!! I tried it twice and ended up tossing it. (For reference, it is NOT the mold I love blue cheese and other moldy cheese)