France is bacon


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There used to be a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, named Jon Carroll (now retired), who called this sort of thing a Mondegreen, from the old folk song, “they shot him dead and Lady Mondegreen” (laid him on the green). Some of the mishearings he ran in his columns were truly hilarious.

And even knowing what the song really says, I still hear “God bless the trains down in Africa,” lol!


Ohhh, I love stuff like this xD Really tickles me.

My late, great friend, Dr. M said he’d always thought The Stranglers were singing:

Golden brown, texture like sun
Lays me down, with my Mancheros

Said he thought it was just some Mexican word or expression he wasn’t familiar with xD


Oh I could say examples but in Hungarian… And maybe there is a term for such things… Like Leiter Jakab, that’s similar but it’s for bad (and hilarious) translations, they are hilarious :smiley: The origin was about Jacob’s Ladder but the translator thought it’s a name (at least he made it into a non-Hungarian surname…).

If we talk about songs… The Caramelldansen song is full with seemingly English words… And I still don’t know the lyrics of a popular English song (Life is life), it’s totally “levelet kaptam, life” to me (I got a letter, in Hungarian)… I have this with several songs especially if I don’t understand the language, there is a Mongolian one where I have this repeatedly…

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Oh, I LOVE this!

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When we were little, our father told my brother if he did something or other, he’d get a wallop. My brother understood “wallet.” Poor guy.


After hearing Phoebe Buffay on Friends sing “hold me closer Tony Danza”, I can not unhear it.

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Remember Schoolhouse Rock on Saturday mornings in the 70s? I thought the one that sang the Preamble said,

…Establish justice,
Ensure domestic tranquility,
Provide for the communists and
Promote the general welfare…

My little 7 year old self wasn’t 100% sure what communists were, but I knew they were bad and wondered why we would be providing for them.