Found something new at Jimmy John's

(Scott) #1

I have been stuck on the #12 unwich because it has avocado in it but must admit it was getting boring. I looked at the menu and saw a BLT and thought yeah, I want that. It was good but next time I am going to ask for extra mayo and bacon.

(John) #2

I enjoy the occasional JJ “unwich” - usually the one with turkey and roast beef, whatever that one is.

Haven’t tried the BLT, though in my bread eating days, I loved a good BLT. Though carb-laden, a good crunchy toasted bread was a key part of the overall mouth experience of the different textures and flavors that make a great BLT.

I may give that a try (the breadless version). Thanks for the idea!

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #3

For REAL. I ordered the BLT unwich before and I was like…where’s the MEAT? Love JJ’s but they can sometimes be really chincey.

(Scott) #4

They obviously weren’t trying to appease bacon addicts like us.

(John) #5

Well, the “B” is the expensive part of a BLT, so a company trying to maximize profit would have the formula for how much meat to give per sandwich pegged pretty low.

They are expecting customers who are used to being filled up by the bread, with the meat almost a condiment.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #6

Ok, this is making me starving. I had never heard of the chain so assumed it was Aussie! Found one four miles away!!! Going tomorrow!

(Diane) #7

I need my bacon to be CRISPY. JJ’s bacon makes me cringe. I’ll stick with double ham, double provolone, Dijon, extra mayo with ALL the veggies. And a pickle cut into fourths.

@Regina, the secret to eating a Jimmy John’s unwich without making such a mess that you need to change your clothes (in my opinion) is to only peel down the paper wrap an inch at a time. Don’t peel any further than you need to, to take a bite. :yum:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #8

That makes sense - eating a lettuce wrap with sauce is a complete embarrassing mess - unless you take it home and scarf it down in private.