Forums were down today

(Richard Morris) #1

It looks like we’ve run out of diskspace on the server that hosts the forum, and that is why the Forum went down today.

I am temporarily reducing the size of images or attachments in new posts from 4MB to 1MB for now to reduce space, until we can move the forum to a new hard drive.

Thanks to the patreons who support the forum [see: to help] we have accumulated enough money to be able to upgrade the site to a pair of 1TB solid state drives, and a magnetic drive for backups which we will be doing in the next couple of weeks. That should improve both the available storage, as well as the speed of the forum. Once that is done I will release the image/attachment constraints back to 4MB.

Sorry for the outage.

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(Polly) #2

Thank you for every thing you do to provide this forum @richard.

I have signed up to send you a regular payment, it seemed like the least I could do!

(linda) #3

Thank you for the update!!
It’s nice to know the forum is back on line!!

(PJ) #4

Glad we’re back!


I missed the outage today, I had so much trouble the last few days I haven’t tried to get on today until now… Glad it is back in a more healthy state.

I would suggest keeping the images to 1MB going forward, that is plenty for web images.

Very glad the patreons have provided the funds for the hardware upgrade.

You are awesome Richard and thanks once again for all you do for us and the keto community in general.