For the First Time

(J) #1

For the first time in my 4 decade existence, I seek out sunlight, enjoy it, and can absorb it. It’s unbelievable the transformation that has occurred. I used to only burn, peel, and look pasty again. Now, I redden (but it doesn’t really hurt) and freckle, and it sets in like a red tan of sorts. I love my morning coffee standing in the mild morning sun, and cherish my lunchtime walks. Who’d’ve thunk the implications of diet on such things? I am very thankful!

(Robin) #2

Oh, the implications will keep piling up, over time. Things you wouldn’t have thought of! Happy for you!


That’s brilliant!

I felt this post so much because I have experienced the same this year - and thinking back, the last time I tanned like this was when I was a kid.

(Karen) #4

I have noticed since my wor changed in 2020 how much easier I tan. I used to be whiter than white, mainly my legs, however even in the unpredictable British weather I already have a good colour and only just today my tan was commented on, especially where I usually wear my watch, (we can’t wear our smart/fitbit watches in the prison). I was sporting a lovely white band on instead lol :grin:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #5

I don’t particularly tan (all that Celtic and Anglo-Saxon blood), but then I don’t burn the way I used to, either.


I love going to sunny locations in Europe and elsewhere, but I could never understand why people would put themselves through it. Without UV protection. Some actually added oil to encourage burning, I could never understand that.

I mean, I enjoyed the heat and the sun and the fun…but I looked about me and people were roasting themselves when clearlry their own bodies couldn’t handle it. Madness.

There is certainly a balance between natural vit A and UV damage, would you not think?


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(Bob M) #8

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I still can get burnt, and in fact have been burnt each year for the last 4-5 years. But that’s because I go from zero sun to tons of sun.

I’m 75% Eastern European, 100% European lineage.

(Karen) #9

I have found since 2020 that my skin has an aversion the products with spf. I only found one product that didn’t cause my skin to want to be ripped off and that was an aloe Vera sun protection. I made the mistake of throwing on some face moisturiser when I was dashing out of the house about 4 weeks ago … Olay, and I forgot it had spf and I was tearing my skin off my face, chin and neck for a week, it was awful. I will remember to scrutinise all products in future. My current tan has been literally by just being out and about and pottering in the garden!

(Bob M) #10

My wife has had a lot of experience with these, as our kid’s skin don’t like them. I know she likes ones with metal in them, as they also don’t seem to be absorbed, but I’ll have to try to remember to find the ones she likes.

(Karen) #11

Really strange or coincidental? these changes occurred after going carnivore. I managed for 63 yrs with general sun protection w/o allergic reactions.

(Edith) #12

@ctviggen, Which one is that?

Both my husband and I noticed after going keto five years ago, that our sun tolerance greatly increased.

(Bob M) #13

Hmm…the problem with this software is I have not idea to what you are referring. Do you mean the sunscreens?

If I ever get the time to talk to my wife, I’ll ask her about them.

I still use sunscreen, as I still get burnt, every year. If I could get outside and get some sun, I could build a base tan. But what happens is that I get zero sun exposure, then go to the beach for 8+ hours. Doesn’t work. I get burnt.

In the past, if I’ve had time to get some sun, then spend a long time in the sun, it’s better. But going from zero to a heck of a lot is bad.

(Edith) #14

Yes, sorry, I should have been more explicit. I was referring to the sunscreen. :grinning:

(Bob M) #15

No problem, I’ll see what my wife likes. She’s done the research and the kid’s skin has too, as they break out if the sunscreen isn’t good. She may even have two different versions, as the face cream tends to be thicker.

(Bob M) #16

She uses the environmental working group and their recommendations for mineral sunscreens, usually made from zinc oxide. They’re expensive.