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@PaulL excuse the photo. I couldn’t capture the whole thing.
But you get the drift.

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Love it! Muchos thanks. :heart:


I like to wrap most anything in bacon. And then melt a little cheese over it. The flavor of the heavens.

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Absolutely. It doesn’t even have to be wrapped around anything. Bacon with malted cheese? Yes, please.

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Just have to share what my creative sister made and gave our dad for Father’s Day:![IMG_1148|375x500](upload://atBLUWKB61fUPQpLEtHpwcozNTw.jpeg

A bacon boquet


I decided I never buy bacon again (except the expensive thin sliced stuff now and then, I love crunchy, I just need to figure out how to get out some salt. maybe I should eat it with unsalted pork)… But it’s the Hungarian meaning of bacon, I do keep buying smoked pork belly… Good stuff. Only the excessive amount of fat and its processed nature keeps me from eating it often. And I need some room for pork jowl too :wink:
Bacon means a special subset of what you others probably call bacon here (we have our own Hungarian world for pork belly, processed or not) and stupid stuff always has sugar in it. Or it’s expensive, maybe, the kind I used to buy had a tiny bit of sugar. And I dislike even that little in things where I want NONE. It’s sad as I would love bacon if they wouldn’t ruin it for me. But the nice stuff (surely it exists) is too expensive anyway, I can get that joy for way less (see my beloved smoked pork belly and pork jowl) especially that bacon is hard to enjoy due to its insane saltiness.

Sorry guys, I go now but I do love pork belly so maybe I am not the enemy here, right? :smiley: Even if I have problems with the bacon I can get here :frowning:
I still would order my steak with eggs and bacon on the side if I ever visited the steakhouse I plan to. I trust they would have good stuff and at that point money won’t be such an important factor in my decision making… But it won’t be too expensive, not even the steak. One day I will go so I won’t die without ever eating steak (I fried cheaper beef slices with my zero skill before but I won’t call that steak).

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Is bacon a US thing? I can’t remember seeing it elsewhere.


In many countries it’s just called pork belly. And it’s not normally sliced but cubed. You may or may not cook it before eating, it is smoked and aged and can be eaten as is.

This is Bavarian Bacon:

It can be cooked or eaten as is. See how it’s rolled into this shape? If you left it stretched long, you would recognize one super thick slice of bacon.

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BIG PLUMP BACON! That looks better than just bacon.

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In the UK Bacon is cured pork. Can be belly or Back. When sold as Belly Pork it’s uncured. Just straight pork.

Belly pork below

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At our butcher’s in London, he sold something he called bacon, but it was very different from American bacon. (Much meatier and less salty.)

I asked him if he knew what it was called in American (because the butcher’s cuts differ significantly on either side of the Atlantic), and he said to ask for uncured back gammon when we returned to the States. Never really found it over here, however. The closest equivalent seems to be either Taylor ham or Canadian bacon, both of which I like, but they are not quite the same thing as we had in London.


Stiglmeier sells the Bavarian bacon I pictured above online in the US. Just google Stiglmeier, it’s a German sausage maker. It’s delicious, as is or fried up.

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Sounds great! Thanks for the tip! :heart::bacon::bacon:

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Funny, I was going to mention Gammon. Something I usually see it sold in quite big joints (cuts)
I used to love it cooked with butter beans and the liquor. Served with mash and greens


We totally have “bacon” in Hungary. It is called and spelled bacon, it’s on its package.
There are two versions: very tiny cubes and thin slices, the latter is double the price and as I wrote, all I saw contained sugar :frowning:
And we have “bacon ends”, that is a single end piece and cheaper.

And we have pork belly as an extremely popular and not particularly cheap cut. We have it raw with skin, smoked raw with skin (I don’t remember seeing it in supermarkets but it’s easy to get in farmers’ markets), smoked cooked with skin, smoked cooked without skin (I buy this, I have more than enough pork skin to use up from other sources). It’s called császárszalonna :slight_smile:
Szalonnna is the word for all kind of pork fat tissue, with or without meat. I only like the ones with meat though when it’s slow cooked, salted and covered with paprika (I liked when garlic was added too), it’s enjoyable. But why to eat it when I can eat the kind with precious meat? :smiley: So I don’t do it.

Bacon is way meatier than the average pork belly. That’s why I almost never buy pork belly and even then, only the smoked one with the biggest amount of meat: I don’t pay big money for fat! I can get pork fat for cheap, thank you very much.
My limit is another subset of szalonna, it’s pork jowl and it’s almost pure fat tissue. But the tiny meat makes aaaaaall the difference to me.
My lean meat lover SO wouldn’t touch it with a stick. (He loves fat and eat fattier meats up to pork chuck and chicken thigh with skin but not more and my pork jowl allegedly has 86% fat in weight. IDK, 96% in calories? It’s borderline too fat for even me :wink: There is less fatty pork jowl but I buy the one with the least amount of water in it…)

@velvet: Bavarian bacon looks wonderful and just the perfect amount of fat and meat for me (not for my staple meat but my fatty joy meat. not like I don’t enjoy my leaner staple meat… I just like some fattier treat here and there), I would love to try it!

@Pjam: I am kind of envious, such meaty pork belly! I can’t get that here, our pork belly is super fatty. At least the raw thing. I am elated that the smoked one I buy is better, they probably slice lots of fat along with the skin and probably make some expensive stuff from it… And I still need to search the whole bunch to find the meatiest pieces and it’s still not ideal (especially that my SO may use a bit but only the meaty part) but close.

I googled a bit, This is the fattiest meaty pork belly, the norm is somewhat meatier :wink: But still not enough for me to buy it raw (for a lot of money. I can buy much more precious fatty cuts, twice the amount!). I could convert it into a ton of lard and some scratchings, both are great but I can’t use up that much lard, I use it to fry liver and not much else.

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Here in the U.S., the cheapest pork cut is called a “picnic.” It is the shoulder joint. Even with the bone in, you can get a surprising number of servings out of it, for a very low price per serving. I love it, because it comes with a fat cap that makes the joint self-basting, so it comes out juicy, tender, and flavourful. (And I bet an heirloom breed of pig would be even tastier.)


Shoulder isn’t my fav but it’s not bad indeed and cheap (it’s very often on sale, it would be the cheapest cut if the fresh ham wouldn’t have its price cap since before the war. it’s the cheapest, by far). The fattiness is fine, a bit high but if it has very big visible fat blobs, I can just cut it off and make lard from it.
But it’s still not as tasty for me as pork chuck or fresh ham.
And it’s the annoying cut that I easily eat 1000g of it on 2MAD. I did it twice. I didn’t want it to happen, in the contrary but I couldn’t resist. (And it’s one thing I ate that much but I did it back then when I couldn’t eat much meat yet. This cut was a surprising exception.) While it’s not my fav, I eat the most of that one. Only chicken can provoke a higher amount but that doesn’t count as its satiation effect is very tiny. When I wondered about it, I blamed the fat. I easily eat fatty meat and shoulder is very fatty but not too fatty for that.

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This is what pork belly looks like in the US (skin on):


When I get pork from the farm, the bacon is cut from the meat that is “under” this cut. What I get is 100% fat and the meat/fat under this goes to making the bacon. In the US – at least where I am – the “pork belly” cut with the skin on may or may not have any meat.


What you picture is often called by its German name in various countries - Speck.