Foods before and in a 30k trail running event?

(David Cooke) #22

Well done! My problem with carbing up is that this is where my sugar cravings start. I have started to take Coca Cola mixed with electrolytes on my races. Seems to work!
Making sure I get plenty of protein into my system the night seems to help both with performance and recovery…


What night for the protein, the night before or after the event/training ?

(Bob M) #24

If I had to guess, I’d say both, but probably best afterwards. Could help with repair of muscle, and GNG to replace glycogen.

Could before also work? As a longer term fuel source? An interesting theory, and one I’ve never examined, so don’t know.


I am still playing with carb prepping for shorter events. Had a 21k trail event recently and that went really well, rice pilauf the night before then lollies in the event. Very slow start, then the juggernaught got going and by the end I could of done another 10k flat out. Energy was not an issue.
So, I am happy with the formula so far, now it is time to do longer events and these may require a different approach. Got a 70k in 3 weeks.