Food to gently break a fast


Hi friends,

I’m on day four of a five day fast. The last time I did it, I broke it with a hard boiled egg and butter, and boy, was I sorry. I felt sick the whole day.

Can anyone recommend some good foods to gently break my fast that won’t kill my gut? I’m a teacher and will be at school when I take my first small meal, so I can’t afford to feel terrible.

Many thanks!

(Michelle) #2

i heard like a handful of nuts is good to break an extended fast.

(Mike W.) #3

16 ounce ribeye. Fast then feast! Repeat.


broths are good, puts the salts back in. I ate bacon after a fast and I was hurting all day, dumb thing to do. If you are still working toxins out maybe a few blueberries at a time, chew slowly and really well. Eggs are really gentle, maybe if you did a quiche without too much fat added, I have to really watch the load of fat at first and nibble on veg soup or something like that, really takes discipline for me, good luck on finding what works for you!


I followed some advice by @amber and tested breaking my fast with beef broth, followed by a bit of beef meat. I first had a cup of broth. I waited for about half hour and then ate some more beef broth with pieces of beef in it. It worked beautifully! I do a lot of multi day fasting, and a lot of experimentation with breaking fasts with different foods, and I must say, Amber was bang on. It was my best experience breaking the fast.

Amber’s reason for suggesting broth and beef was because this is a food that has the least (statistically) reputation for food sensitivities.

So, a good rule of thumb is when breaking your fast, avoid foods that tend to have a reputation for allergies or sensitivities (like eggs, cheese, nuts, etc…). Since your digestive system is cleaned out, any slight sensitivity you may have (which would be otherwise be masked or diluted by other foods in your gut) can be enhanced by multi fold.

(Jennifer) #6

So far it hasn’t mattered what I eat, it all goes straight through me for the first 3-6 hours. Then it starts to settle down.

Might start with some real sauerkraut tomorrow (4 day fast) and see if the bacteria in it helps get my digestive track going faster.


I personally know someone who broke their one week fast with kimchi. This is how he described the result…:scream::toilet::boom:

(Jennifer) #8

Yeah - ouch! I wouldn’t do that. My sauerkraut is just cabbage and salt, no hot pepper!! Lol…

I drink a little bit of the sauerkraut juice daily during my fast. I figure the salt and bacteria are a good thing.


You must have food sensitivity with pork? Or maybe the preservatives or additives in the bacon you ate?

I broke a 33 day fast with bacon. And I was totally fine with it.


Thanks for the help, everyone. I broke it this morning with a couple of bites or sauerkraut (best thing I’ve ever tasted), then after a half hour about five macadamia nuts. Then, I took the dog for a walk and came home and sautéed spinach in butter and asiago. On the way to work I drank a protein shake (which was for lunch, but hey!).

I feel fine. Much better than last time. I couldn’t stop eating and thinking about what I would eat next 'til the protein shake, though. I wonder what lunch time will bring!

(Michelle) #11

congrats on your fast!!! :clap: Let us know how it goes post fast.

(Cody Wiens) #12

Broke an 8 day fast this morning. Started with 8oz of kombucha 2 hrs later I did 8 more ounces. Then 2 hrs later I did 8oz of kefir. 2 hrs later I did 8oz of my daily smoothie which contains kefir, kale, avocado, lemon, chia seed, flax seed, sprouted wheat grass juice powder, and bone broth. Later I had some cottage cheese, and a few keto bombs. Going back to regular 18:6 IF tomorrow, and I’ll be going back to 23:1 after I return from vacation. I attained a glucose of 68 during the fast.

(Tammy) #13

Breaking a 10 day fast on Sunday. Thinking I will try my home made kefir first as an avocado and chia seed smoothie. Down 11 lbs as of 9 days water fasting! Hope to be within 10 lbs of my goal by the time I eat again! Wish me luck and my best to all!

(Brian Hall) #14

That could be your body telling you it needed more protein. Try sipping some bone broth during your fast. Not only will it help with protein but electrolytes as well!

(Marius the butter craving dude) #15

I just braked my 72 hour fast with lard and organ meat sausages… But I could not resist and I trowed in right after chicken meat, egg with olive oil and generic supermarket cheese…
So far I only felt how my intestines sparked back to life but no pain or leaks.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #16

Ok… everything seems normal. In the first 20 minutes I felt my guts pulsating, like they were heart muscle. Not pain, but funny to feel and hear the gut starts up. After 20 minutes I went to the toilet and I was expecting the worst but I eliminated very few waste. I guess once my gut went to sleep at the start of the fast some waste got stuck and once it turned on it was finally eliminated. After that I just have pleasant warmth from my gut and stomach and zero hunger. I have this sensation that tells me: “Thank you for the food, now take a break till the next meal”.
Never expected such a pleasant fast break from lard

(Carol) #17

I recently watched a video with Megan Ramos who recommended to break a fast with foods that digest slowly. She breaks her fasts with a small amount of tomatoes and cucumber (with a small amount of olive oil if desired). This won’t overtax the dormant digestive system.