Food portions - a series of comparisons

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The photos below have nothing to do particularly with keto and/or keto macros. In fact, their purpose is to illustrate how to reduce the total calories of a meal by changing proportions of macros on SAD. It was just handy to find these comparisons for illustration purposes. What I’m trying to illustrate here is how similar in overall size and weight different plates of virtually the same ingredients with very different macro proportions can be. In fact, the main differences are the lower fat and higher carb and protein amounts on the lower calorie plates in each pair. Do you think you can tell the difference just by looking? Here’s the link to the source site if you’re interested.

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This is cool as crap. :slightly_smiling_face: On some of them I can hardly tell a difference :hushed:

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Very cool.


Both satiation (eating till pleasantly full but not overstuffed) and portion sizes are relevant for the midlife female slower metabolism apparently - esp my own as I relish homemade/gourmet cuisine and have a tendency towards foodie feasting.

What’s interesting is the psychology of the serving plate/bowl too - if it looks abundant and has sufficient protein & fat, it’s very satisfying. But if it looks like “Calilfornia Cuisine”, such as a mini pizza thing or a small steak with just some sauce squiggled on the plate and a few broccoli florets - it’s less satisfying, to me at least.

This article also shows the power of food colors - how very satisfying a colorful plate is, especially when it’s got enough fatty protein and tastiness!

Though some of these pics have conventional advice, some are very useful education on classic swap-outs for simple enhancements (such as yogurt & mustard sauce instead of mayo/sourcream, or cauliflower rice instead of grain rice). I especially like the one that says “Ditch starchy carbs altogether” :100:

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This is a big problem for me. I train several evenings a week in martial arts and fit triathlon training in mornings and some afternoons, so always seem to overload my plate. The feeling of satiation doesn’t come even when I eat slowly. I am usually fine just avoiding food in the morning but as soon as I open my eating window I am fixated and also have to force myself to leave the table. It is a mind thing I am sure. Thanks for the post.

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Interesting. Most of these have a 3-4 ounce protein serving for the lower-cal options, and a reduction in fat and dairy, versus 6 ounces of protein and larger dairy portions. Both sets of plate look satisfying to me in terms of size, although I tend towards 5-6 ounces of protein if I have a choice.