Food myths busted: dairy, salt and steak may be good for you after all


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Some great news and from a mainstream source!

"Food myths busted" in today's Guardian!

I just noticed that article myself, came here to post about it. :slight_smile:

Pity there wasn’t a comments section opened, so we could all go “DER!!!”.

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The vegan hordes must have been late with their payment to the Grauniad…

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Yeah sadly no comment section, I did my best to share it everywhere instead so people can talk about it there, a good compromise.


What. People are against dairy nowadays? I am behind the times with that one. (I minimize them all by myself.)
Maybe I live in the “wrong” country or something.

The egg myth is busted ages ago even very officially, people really should unlearn that…


Thank you for posting this! I just sent the link to my husband and sons. My husband is still stuck in the 70’s and 80’s in regards to food. He constantly tells me he will read articles, but doesn’t like videos. This article is short and sweet. I hope he reads it.


It’s probably a good thing that there isn’t a comments section; it’d be trolled to the ends of the earth.

Absolutely fantastic to see a mainstream media outlet promoting such a report.

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Don’t get too excited. After all, the Guardian has done its bit to promote veganism and such nonsense as the EAT-Lancet report.


More propaganda to push dairy onto those who can’t tolerate it. Many people develop IBS and severe Acne after consuming dairy.

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That’s something I’d like to see backed up by evidence. My experience tends to the notion that carbs, not dairy, are the culprit.


Oh, how lovely to read this today! The headline continues: “dairy, salt and steak may be good for you after all”

I don’t know how to provide a link here, but if anyone would like to read this article in one of the U.K.'s leading news ‘papers’ just Google for the above.


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Hey there I already posted about it here, Food myths busted: dairy, salt and steak may be good for you after all

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I merged the posts from the second thread into this one, to keep everything in one place.

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Seems to be the high refined carbs & high pro-inflammatory omega 6 PUFA intake, which at least plays a huge role in our current obesity epidemic.

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I agree. And that is very different from saying that dairy causes IBS and acne.


Dairy contains hormones meant to grow a calf and these hormones cause an hormonal imbalance in those who can’t digest them. I’ve known people who can tolerate dairy without issues but to push dairy on everyone as a health food is disingenuous.

I developed patches of thick hair on my shoulders when I tried organic dairy in Europe. Scarred with these patches of hair for life.

I’ve also noticed that high blood sugar with very low fat intake does also cause acne.

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Here’s a good short read on dairy & acne:

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We don’t push it on people here. You will no doubt have noticed the fair percentage of our members who state that they can’t tolerate dairy, for various reasons.

My query, however, was with regard to your assertion that “Many people develop IBS and severe Acne after consuming dairy.” This statement intrigues me, and I would love to see scientific data to back it up, since it doesn’t fit with my reading on the subject.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #19

As the linked article states:

Acne, or as it is technically called Acne Vulgaris , has historically been linked to dairy (being the most commonly reported dietary association with acne).

Acne can be furthered and made worse by excessive insulin secretion and appears to also be exacerbated by IGF-1 and Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP). In the case of IGF-1, there are repeated correlations between those with acne and higher serum IGF-1 concentrations.

“Historically linked” may be true, but I suspect that was in the context of a high-carbohydrate diet, which is where “excessive insulin secretion” comes in. My residual acne has cleared up completely since I cut my carbohydrate intake, and it recurs only when I yield to cravings and over-indulge in carbs. My dairy intake has, if anything, increased a bit on keto, with no apparent effect on acne, one way or the other.

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Honestly what isn’t affected by high insulin levels, lol. See I thought dairy was causing me issues with acne, so I cut it out. Turns out it was the eggs I’ve been having! Organic as well, still caused acne. Introduced dairy back in to no ill effects. Shame as I do love eggs but I guess eggs don’t love me back. :frowning: