Food Intolerance Test?


Hi could someone please recommend a food tolerance test please?

Has anyone put in place recommendations from a test and seen an improvement in their health?

Is it worth it?

I’ve been Keto for two years and seen some great changes and am more able to moderate. I’ve also found that I’m getting inflammation after hard lower quality cheeses from cows, peanuts, most processed foods including supermarket sausage and I don’t generally agree with chicken. Beef is all pretty good unless it’s really cheap and even then it’s ok.

I get on with tomatoes ok but some people say avoid them. They’re an example where I’m not sure I can rely totally on how I feel. Salted butter is bad for my cramps and after giving up salt they’ve gone away.

I’d like a test to be sure but is it worth it? Are there things I’m missing?


(Bacon enough and time) #2

The best test I have heard of is the beef and water elimination diet. The idea is to eat only beef and water long enough to clean out one’s system, say about a month. Then–and this is important–add back foods one at a time, so that you know how that food does or does not affect you. Give it a couple of weeks, unless the effects are immediately obvious. At the end of that experiment, wait a few days before trying the next food. If a food has no effect on you, you can keep it in your diet and go on to the next food. But trying foods one at a time is key, because otherwise you’ll have no idea which foods are the ones giving you trouble.


Not sure my moderation is well developed enough to stop me from eating anything but beef and water but I can try to eliminate a bit more.

Any idea if laddering it - step by step - will be the best way. Cold Turkey is never pleasant!

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I think you are absolutely right about this. They used to suggest chicken and rice for the elimination phase but beef and water is going to be a much cleaner option. You can only see the ink dropping into the puddle if the water is clear. If the puddle is all stirred up and muddy the ink doesn’t show.

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Excellent analogy! I may borrow that some time.