Food deals for the ketoers on a budget


I was thinking on my drive home from the grocery store that it would be nice to have a place to post deals we’ve seen online or elsewhere for folks that need a lower grocery bill. Sometimes I find discounts online that I feel like sharing but I don’t know the most appropriate place to post them, so I figured I would start my own place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I eat a lot of tuna now, and I’m concerned about fishing practices and Mercury content, so I buy wild planet brand. However, it’s $4 or more per can at my locally grocery stores so I order it from amazon. Normally it’s $30 for 12 (still way cheaper than the store) but today they have a 15% off coupon you can add bring the cost down to almost $2 a can. The last batch I had had an expiration date in 2020 so it’s definitey worth stocking up on. I’m sure the coupon is a limited time offer.

Also, if you live near a Harris teeter grocery store(at least in the Charlotte, NC area), they have pork tenderloin buy one, get one free. That’s s lot of meat for hardly anything. They often have cheese but 2 get 3 free but not today, sadly :pensive:


They have 15 percent off the wild planet sardines as well


If anyone lives near a Natural Grocer store you can sign up for the free membership and get most of their Organic, Free-Range, and even Soy Free Eggs (the ones I have to buy) for $1.99/dozen large eggs. I know eggs can be found cheaper but if you want Organic or Soy Free, price is really hard to beat from a store setting!


That’s such a good price for organic eggs. I wish I had one close to me!

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If you live in North Carolina, Lowe’s Foods has grass-fed ribeyes for $6.99/lb this week. I don’t buy meat but I’m pretty sure that’s a good price?


We have a smaller regional market here, last week they had a two day sale 20% off all meat department packed meats and the pre-packaged grass fed ground beef was $4/lb… I had 5 packs of that in my cart before I felt guilty for hogging it all (because normally I see same product for $10-12/lb) and an 8lb bone in Boston Butt for pulled pork for around $10…I think it yielded about 7.5lbs of meat…going to be eating that all week lol and freezing some. Now I understand what people mean when they say grab it up when you find it on sale :money_mouth_face:


I think that’s a great price!