Food cooking subgroups?

(Vesa McD) #1

A suggestion: how about subgroups for cooking recipes based on cooking style?

For example: slow cooker, pressure cooker, stovetop, oven, lazy style, cold foods, foods that store well (canned/camping/hiking choices), fast family meals, sous vide, BBQ, beginner recipes and gourmet.

I know you guys want to limit the subgroups for new users, but this may add some clarity and help those find recipes for the tools at their disposal, and ability. What do you think?

(Dustin Ewers) #2

I was planning on making a “guides” or “techniques” category under food and filling it with cooking guides.

(Richard Morris) #3

I’ve added a set of tags along the lines you suggested, unique to the Recipes category. So you will be able to select from a list when you enter a recipe

So I added a slow-cooker tag to my Pulled slow-cooked Beef in beer recipe and it shows up like this

(Vesa McD) #4

Once I had suggested it, I realised too that tags and cross links would probably be better, but I knew a smart coder would come up with a better solution than I could come up with. Good job.