FMD Semantics Question

(Bev) #1

Hello! I’m interested in trying the fasting mimicking diet as outlined in Valter Longo’s book. I want to do my own version instead of purchasing Prolon, but I’d like to follow the caloric requirements outlined in the Longevity Diet as accurately as possible. In the book, the language he uses is
"Days 2-5
800 calories

  • 400 calories from complex carbohydrates (vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, mushroom, etc.)

  • 400 calories from healthy fats (nuts, olive oil)

  • 1 multivitamin and mineral supplement

  • 1 omega-3/omega-6 supplement

  • Sugarless tea

  • unlimited water"

So my question is, for the example of nuts, does “400 calories from healthy fats” mean 400 calories from fat excluding the other types of calories in nuts? Or does he simply mean 400 calories of foods that are high in fat, such as nuts?
In other words, f I’m going to eat a certain amount of nuts, do I simply count the total calories of the nuts towards my “400 calories from healthy fats” or do I only count the calories of fat in the nuts?

Hopefully that makes sense. Even if no one knows what exactly Valter Longo himself meant, any input from someone who’s tried FMD or similar fasts would be greatly appreciated. It seems like low protein and low calories in general is more important than hitting exact numbers, but I’d still like to aim for something with a similar calorie distribution as Prolon.

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This is a ketogenic diet forum
We only really support ketogenic fasting here
We eat less than 20g a day
That diet would be roughly 100g a day
You’d be better off finding another fasting forum, like on reddit.
You won’t receive much support for that type of fast here.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #3

What is with all these weird fasting plans in here in the last few days?


You may find some general info on Longo if you do a search but @ava_ad0re is right - Longo’s diet isn’t keto so there probably won’t be anyone here who is doing it.


It’s weird isn’t it? I mean I know a lot of people here fast but it can’t be the only forum with a fasting section.

(Bev) #6

It’s the first forum that comes up when you search for forums that discuss fasting. I figured that even though FMD isn’t keto, there were enough previous threads about it that I’d give it a shot. Guess I’ll keep looking!


Yeah - as I said people here do fast but it’s very different to what Longo is proposing. Keto is kind of the anti-calorie-restriction diet whereas Longo’s diet is pretty much all about calorie restriction. As @ava_ad0re said, you may have better luck on reddit :slightly_smiling_face:

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Which is a bit worrying in itself :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that the 400 calories from fat is really just the fat itself (and not nuts). FYI Longo isn’t crazy about animal foods, which is why he listed nut oils.
Nuts also have protein, which I’m pretty sure would interfere with one of the benefits of FMD.

(Bev) #10

Thanks for answering my actual question! That makes sense. I never mentioned eating animal products so not sure what that’s about.

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lol what is with all the passive aggression in here? :slightly_smiling_face:


Animals products were probably assumed because folks following a low carb, high fat diet mostly do so by eating meat, butter, lard, tallow, eggs, dairy, etc. Nuts are high in fat but can also be high in carbs so are limited.


I just meant that even though he gives a limited list of fat sources, you might get the same results from other fats.

I have reservations about some of Longo’s recommendations, but I find his research fascinating. Best of luck to you!

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How about you guys just put “ketogenic diet/fasting discussion ONLY” in your TOS so that you don’t feel the need to reword the same thing over and over and snicker about newbies. I know what keto is, I can read the url, but because this forum has had intelligent discussion about other types of fasts/diets in past threads, and I found no rule against it, I thought I would try here. It’s really that simple. Is the general combination of crankiness and aversion to direct communication a symptom of nutrient deficiency or something?

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Maybe. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to tell us if you do the Longo thing.

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Well, now you know hey :joy:



Well TBF it is called Ketogenic Forums. Perhaps had you acknowledged in your opening post that you weren’t actually looking to do keto but had trouble finding a more suitable forum in which to ask your question?

Ok then.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #18

Doesn’t get more straight forward than that.

(Jane) #19

I did a search for FMD and come up with no less than 20 threads either dedicated to it or mentioned in it. Including the OP’s question about the 400 calories of fat.

I guess her inability to use the search function must be a symptom of nutritional excess of carbs or something. :laughing:

(Doug) #20

It means just the fat calories. However - where is the protein during those days?

Gotta say that the “FMD” is not nearly as good as regular fasting - I only see an argument for it for people who just cannot outright fast. The FMD has too many carbohydrates and too much protein during all days to give the benefits of autophagy, which is a big thing.