Flip Flops

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For my entire life, as much as I wanted to, I could never wear flip flops. You kind with the thing between the big and second toes. They just immediately hurt so bad that I would have to abandon them. I even remember this as a young child (-5), the few times we would go to the shore. They have so many really cute and dressy styles now; nothing like the plastic ones I grew up with.

Long story short, I can wear flip flops now!!! And they are so cute! And they don’t hurt! I have no idea what that is about, but the only thing different between then and now (60 years) is keto/carnivore. (And I don’t have scaly patches on my elbows anymore - another lifetime affliction!) Anyway, it is just amazing to me. Got a bridal shower and wedding coming up that I am looking forward to dressing for. May be rocking me some fancy flip flops! :blush::innocent:

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Sorry, couldn’t resist:

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:clap: Marianne, ha! :slightly_smiling_face: First mention of this phenomenon, to my knowledge.

(Marianne) #4

Hahaha!!! That is so cute!!!


(Marianne) #5

Weird, yes - but it’s true! I have no idea why after all these years, it’s okay, but it is. In the absence of everything else, I’m going to ascribe it to keto, like every other good thing that’s happened to me. :hugs:



Can’t say anything about flip flops (I’ve not tried) but the elbow thing is really noticeable, and I didn’t feel as if mine were particularly bad pre-keto/carnivore.

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and I despise flip flops :scream_cat:

cause I hate anything between my toes and I require ‘heel shoe stay on my feet and not shift support’ cause it is me on a personal level but DARN SO happy you got a darn small victory of what you love!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

More great benefits to come to you :star_struck::star_struck:

and this is ONE of those best posts…screw the scale and think healthy body changes that MEAN so much to us vs. the darn scale and a lb. means all in our lives!!! Great post!!!

Small victories on plan…mean more than a goal weight cause QUALITY of daily life can be a massive key to daily happiness and well being that is so under-rated but darn, once we want quality of life over a darn goal number that wrecks us, we truly LIVE!! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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YES! Now if Keto would only make my feet suitable for public viewing! You go, gurl.

(Marianne) #11

Hahaha! Thanks, Robin! I’m sure your feet are just fine.


(Robin) #12

Yes, the view from New York is probably ok.

(Marianne) #13

No! :hugs:


LOL - You inspired me to check my elbows - something I rarely do (like never). And guess what - my elbows are way less dry and scaly too! How weird is that???

Not one of my largest priorities, but it is a nice side benefit. :grinning:

(Joanne) #15

Hey there, I can’t say flip flops ever hurt my feet. Actually, when I was heavier, sometimes they were the only thing that fit. Weirdly, I have dropped a whole shoe size since losing 55 lbs. I didn’t realize that would happen. Of course, I knew my feet would be less swollen/wide, but they’re actually shorter now too. Apparently, your arches flatten out due to excess weight and spring back up when you lose…so your feet shrink. :laughing:

Right now I walk 5-6 miles a day in arch support flip flops that I got on-line. They feel AMAZING on my feet, come in a dozen colors and they’re cheap ($17.99). I don’t know if we’re allowed to post links here for recs. If so, I will.

(Marianne) #16

Good for you!

The thing that is the most cool is that great things must be going on internally to have these external changes. Honest to Pete, my husband had a corn chip toe from an injury over 50 years ago. It has been completely normal for over two years, since he started eating keto. Again, just points to optimal health.