Flat tire on X-Mas eve

(Michael) #1

Flat tire on highway coming home from parents last night. I tried to call road service, no answer and app did not work. A Good Samaritan pullled over and with his jack we were able to change to the spare ( in negative 10 weather) and saved me essentially. I donated 40 bucks to his grocery bill in thanks. I am having a nice Christmas thanks to Julian helping out. Yeah to Christmas spirit!!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

It’s wonderful when, even when something bad happens, something good also comes along to mitigate it. I’m glad for your Good Samaritan and that you got home safe and sound.

For me, one of the great blessings of keto is that I lost enough fat to be able to get down on my knees and change a tire—and even better, to also be able to get back up again without having to spend ten minutes planning how!

(Robin) #3

Wonderful story.That’s what it’s all about. You both gave each other gifts. Giving and receiving are both blessings, aren’t they?

(Marianne) #4

What a great story! I would have freaked out. There are lots of nice people out there.

My car got sideswiped on 12/22 just as I was coming out of the grocery store. I didn’t see it and the guy drove away without stopping. A wonderful older man got the license plate and gave me his name and contact information for the police report. It was really nice of him and he was a sweetheart. Luckily for every jerk, there seem to be ten nice people.