Fitbit there an option to log a fast?


(Trudy) #1

Hello Keto followers, as per the topic, does anyone use the Fitbit dashboard for fasting or is this even an option? I’ve tried “googling” but ended up more confused so thought this the best place to ask. TIA.

(Allie) #2

Not that I ever found.


You can try using the regular food logging screen, you can even put it in the Favorites to keep track. Not sure if it will scream at you or not, I used MFP connected to Fitbit for my tracking, it always screamed when under 1000 calories. I finally made up a “fasting meal” logged at 1000 calories, so I knew at a glance when I fasted. I finally just went to using Vora to track fasts and I have stopped logging foods on MFP. I am in maintenance and have been for over two yrs. now.