Fit into an old dress


Going out tonight for New Year’s Eve, I wore a dress that I hadn’t worn in over 20 years. I like to think it’s a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Failing that, New Year’s is a great time for a retro/vintage look. But who cares? IT FIT. I even wore dress shoes that I haven’t been able to wear for years.


OH that must feel like such a TRIUMPH!!! Congratulations and happy New Year!!!

(Bob M) #3

That is great!

I looked for my old suit, pre-going-keto, but could not find it. I wanted to take a picture with me in it. I think we gave it away. The pants were 43s. I did find a suit with pants of 40s (I now wear 34s, though some 36s, particularly jeans, still fit).

(Marianne) #4

Doesn’t that feel great!!!

Great NSV!


That’s a happy way to start the new year. And the new decade.

I’m a big fan of vintage/retro look.