Fish oil or Krill oil?


I’ve learned from a recently released YouTube video of Dr. Cywes that Fish Oil Supplementation should be used. He said Fish Oil or Krill Oil should be supplemented if we do not eat fish. I do not like fish, it’s just too fishy. I’m going into my 3rd year of Keto. Started taking a few supplements last fall. Magnesium Glycinate, vitamin C which was also recommended by Dr. Cywes. I do the lugols iodine, the iodine really makes a difference for me (no more constant chilly body).
I have bought some spring valley fish oil that are 1000mg from Walmart. I know nothing about fish oil or krill oil? Are these good?
I would like to see the science on these from actual people taking theme. How many mg is the best to consume daily? Is fish oil okay or is krill better?
What total benefit will I see?

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The idea is to bring your ω-3 and your ω-6 consumption into line. We don’t need much of either, but we want our intake to be more or less 1:1, because they compete for the same receptors. Too much ω-6 causes inflammation, so make sure to avoid industrial seed oils and stick to cooking fats that are mostly saturated and monounsaturated. Then you will be getting the most out of your fish oil supplement.

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Since you dislike fish I’ll say that I’ve found the krill oil to not cause any fishy burps after taking it. Can’t say the same for any fish oil supplement I’ve taken, though taking with food does seem to alleviate it somewhat.

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There are “burp free” fish oil formulations, but I’ve personally found them to be “fewer burps” not none. Over the course of a week, taking around 2 a day, I’ll get one or two days when they don’t seem to work.

I think the idea is they have a thicker coating and don’t release the oil until they get through your stomach and into your small intestine.

Never tried krill oil so I think your experience points out an experiment I need to do.


Thank you :pray:


Thank you :pray:
If these I’m taking give me fishy burps I will try the Krill ones


Thank you for the great information :pray:

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Here is a video that that says the opposite or along the same lines as PaulL.

The TRUTH About FISH OIL | 3 Reasons to Avoid it. He also did a Podcast on fish oil.

I don’t know if it has contributed to my aching finger and wrist joints but i will take a break from fish oil for awhile.