Fish oil and the added vitamin E

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Hopefully this isn’t too stupid of a question. When you take fish oil, many of them list mixed tocopherols as a preservative. As I understand this is vitamin E correct? When I read up about it the form of vitamin e can be something like sunflower oil. How much of it would likely be in a serving? Aren’t sunflower and vegetable oils high in omega 6? I was looking at the vital choice salmon oil that was in liquid form because the mixed tocopherols was the only thing in them. I don’t like capsules because they are usually made of glycerin. Is it possible to avoid it by breaking the capsule and swallowing the contents?

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So far as I know, tocopherol is not an ω-6 fatty acid, it’s a vitamin and anti-oxidant.

The capsule is to protect people from the taste. I doubt the amount of glycerin is worth worrying about.

But don’t over-consume it. Fat-soluble vitamins can easily build up in the body and become toxic.

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So they somehow extract the vitamin from the oil?


Regardless of what they use, it’s never going to be enough to matter. That said, I’m for going with quality brand supplements as I’m a supp junkie. I (try) to go for GMP and 3rd party tested when I can. With Fish Oils try to go for iFOS certified ,and in Triglyceride form. You can also just go with liquids, Nordic Natural and Carlsons are good brands for that.