First Sous Vide steak

(AnnaLeeThal) #1

Using my Anova for the first time tonight, doing a Delmonico ribeye steak. I’m just following the recipe in the Anova app. I’ll give it a good sear with some butter when it’s done.

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

Anxiously awaiting a review. Is it ok to let it float on top or does it need to be submerged?

(AnnaLeeThal) #3

It’s submerged

(AnnaLeeThal) #4

It turned out perfectly!! Highly recommended.


Rib eye want one

(AnnaLeeThal) #6

Could not finish. So full. So satisfied.


I couldn’t think of anything witty at all.

That looks amazing!


Searing tip… did you pat the steak dry… this will help with a hard sear. I had much fear in the beginning, but go very hot pan…like crazy hot, patted dry steak top and bottom will result in a fantastic sear, makes the fat a bit crispy.

Next step… cheaper cuts of meat… welcome to budget friendly territory.

(AnnaLeeThal) #9

I’m pretty sure the only reason I bought this steak was because it was discounted.

Good tip with the sear! I did pat it dry per the recipe instructions. My cast iron is very well seasoned so I will give it a try dry next time.


OK, I’m now officially convinced. I’ve been researching stand alone sous vides for a while now (unless a commercial product used in restaurants these are bloody hard to find in Australia, can I just say) as well as the Anova product and thought this little baby might be to good to be real…clearly its not. Thanks for sharing your results. Off to do a spot on online shopping now!

(AnnaLeeThal) #11

Yes, I can’t wait to try out other things!



(Richard Morris) #13

Oh yeah … that looks great

(Richard Morris) #14

I have an Anova in Australia. Also my partner Julie just bought 10 of them for the National Press Club

(mwall) #15

I reverse sear steak with a slow and low sauna in the oven and a final dance in the skillet for similar results.

I’d be interested in opinions about the measured dangers of some plastics for this technique. This blog example is long but the end cuts to the chase about using silicon or special bags for the technique. nom nom paleo sous vide blog

Since I get such good results as described above I’ve shied away from sous vide though the conversation MUST continue when you witness results like those above! :yellow_heart:

(AnnaLeeThal) #16

There is another thread about this that has some good input.
I’m using food saver bags and not worrying about it. I have enough other things to worry about.


Search for a Topic called Sous Vide, Plastics and Estrongenic activity, in the show me the science category. I started the thread to discuss this very concern. @richard would it be possible to get a Sous Vide tag? (or is there someway we can do it?)

(Brian Miller) #18

I had never before considered cooking using a Sous Vide however, after seeing this post I decided to look into the process and now my curiosity is piqued.


I’ve jumped on the bandwagon…ordered one yesterday and was very excited this morning to receive an email that it has been shipped already! Can’t wait for it to arrive. For a novice, I’m stoked that this thing looks idiot proof!