First sous vide barnsley chops

(bulkbiker) #1

First attempt at sous vide cooking with an Anova…
Very juicy and the cooking juices (butter garlic salt and pepper) made a great sauce when reduced.
With Spinach and chorizo pan fried in butter…


Looks yum! How long were they in for?

(bulkbiker) #3

They were in for just over 2 hours at 60 degrees C / 140 F
Then browned in the pan for not long enough and not rested enough either… not that I’m self critical or anything…
The gravy from the cooking juice was amazing though. Not bad for a first time… maybe leave them in a little longer and rest for longer next time.


Oh heck yeah! That looks beautiful. I think I need to get on this sous vide band wagon.

(bulkbiker) #5

The Anova was on special offer here in the UK just before Christmas so I got one. Works pretty well more experiments to come but I’m fasting every other day so not so much cooking. OMEOD one meal every other day…

(Rebecca) #6

I have just ordered one as well, I got an email today to say it has shipped. It was also on special in Australia.