First Post. Hello!


Coffee with only butter was some short term desperation thing for me, definitely didn’t particularly like it - but it was truly gross only when not foamy :slight_smile: A small hand mixer did the trick.
I typically used eggs in my coffee (now I don’t consume coffee, just my egg milks. good with cocoa too), much better (and often a tiny butter to replace cream but it never will be as good as with cream. but I don’t want to use cream often for reasons and it’s good enough).
There are options and not a single thing is that everyone likes, it’s fine. I am an egg maniac :slight_smile:

Food addictions are very common. With luck (and the right woe), it may go away. Maybe only as long as you eat right but enough years without something may have a good effect, I had that with many items. I learned to eat almost anything in moderation (and it often means really tiny amounts most people can’t even imagine to have) but sometimes it’s better, easier to forget about some items.


Hello all!
I’m new here, a military 40+ age male from Poland.
I’ve started my journey with keto in April 2021 at weight 95kg. During the first year I’ve lost about 16kg, and to this day my weight is still on a 78-79kg level.
Love this type of eating, and I also follow Intermittent Fasting. Here I’ve started from the very basic 16/8, and over one and a half year moved to 20/4 naturally. I really enjoy the feeling of freedom regarding eating.
Wish all of you the very best with keto.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #23

Welcome to the forums! We look forward to seeing more of you.

(Robin) #24

Welcome! Glad to hear of your success and look forward to your participation!


Hi Mike,
I love the freedom too!


The gravy sounds awesome!
I’m loving these cooking bags; they stop the oven getting dirty!
I am loving learning to cook, I’ve got friends coming for dinner on Friday so I’ve practised steak. As long as nobody wants it medium I’m confident it’ll be good!


I’m trying the buttered coffee in the morning, planning to put it in the nutribullet for breakfast. I so feel you about keeping away from dangerous foods that will lead us to disaster: I don’t want to go back to that ever.
I’m loving learning about this WOL, even scrubbing the skillet! I’ve not had any spare bacon fat to collect but have an empty jar ready, do you cook bacon in added fat from the start please? I’ve been frying it in a dry pan and adding egg and mushrooms but it’s sticking. If I cook with butter is it ok to collect all the fat in the same jar or does just bacon fat go in the jar please?
Air Fryer, I’m in the U.K., I’ve seen them on the TV and am going to buy one. Your chicken wings sound wonderful, I’ve bought a bottle of Encona Hot Pepper Sauce and plan to try the wings at the weekend WITH bacon grease, thanks for sharing that discovery!

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HI Victoria! We cook our bacon in the oven with a piece of aluminum foil on top, a whole package at a time. I don’t know why, but the bacon comes out flat in the oven vs. curling up in a skillet. It seems we get a lot more bacon fat cooking it this way, too. Maybe give it a try and see if it renders more than you are normally getting. I always found that if I cooked eggs in with bacon, yes, they do stick.

We eat a lot of inexpensive cuts of meat (pork, beef), and I feel those need to be supplemented with additional fat. Bacon grease is great for that as well as ghee. If purchased from an Asian/Mediterranean grocery, it is much more economical than at the regular grocery.

I love our air fryer. They can be expensive, however, and the only thing I cook in it are chicken wings. It is worth it to me, however, as we have these at least twice a week. Let me know how you like the wings with hot sauce and bacon grease when you try them. I think they are so succulent!


I have a pretty good nonstick pan and nothing stick into it - or if it does, it comes off super easily, no problem. I so love it, my old pans lost this great skill very quickly.
I always fry bacon in a frying pan and use the minimal fat for frying eggs right away :slight_smile: As I never fry many rashers, just a few and my eggs need fat!

I personally have no problems with mixing fats though it’s always different kinds of lard so similar stuff.

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It was easy for me because I did Atkins low carb back in the 70’s and a few times since then.

It wasn’t sustainable for me because I still had a low-fat mindset and would get bored with the food. Not on keto. The added fat made all the difference in the world (didn’t overdo it) and all the recipes online and in this forum expanded what I thought of as “low carb”.

Buying angel hair cabbage at Walmart and using no-sugar Rao marinara sauce for “spaghetti” was a game-changer for me.


I’m from UK too, but I’ve found that I’ve just stopped using my air fryer…
And I used to use it every day before keto. Let me explain. :slight_smile:

I mainly medium/high shallow stir fry any veg I do, along with whatever slab of meat/protein I’m adding…with seasoning of course.
I find this my favourite way of cooking, but others will be different!

Oven bake/roast:
Chop evrything up, add to oven dish(es) at whatever time stage; sometimes altogether from the start.
Set the timer, relax. As long as you set timer!

Air fryer:
Depending on what type and what you are using it for.
I use a Tefal Actifry.
Well, not for a while now- but I’m willing to try it again. Any way for this to help me cook meat better?
Which was great before I adapted this way of eating. I was using it mainly for frozen chips and things like frozen scampi. Bung it all in and set you timer for 30 mins.
I don’t know, maybe I’m being unfair.
But what I was using (quite rightly, for those frozen items I mentioned above for example), it was fine…because it was constanty rotating the food on a paddle to ‘help’ the produce get cooked consistentedly, which is normally frozen. Which it did do!
My point is, I don’t want to put fesh produce in there to be churned up…especially a high quality steak or something.
As I said, maybe I’m being unfair…and there are plenty of other air fryers out there that don’t have moving parts… but I’m not going to risk a fillet steak in there when I know how to cook it in plain sight.
But I don’t have the kitchen bench space for much more different appliances anymore (or even if I would use them).

(Jane) #32

I donated my air fryer to Goodwill (resale shop) because I just never used it and it took up too much space. Others love theirs and use it all the time. To each his own.

I love my instant pot (have the small one since only feeding 2) and sous vide stick. I use my IP to make perfect boiled eggs where the shells slip off, pot roast, pulled pork, etc. The sous vide I use for tri tips and other tough meats that come out tender and also to make yogurt and cheese.

(Marianne) #33

Mine’s kind of wasted, otherwise. The only thing we cook in it is chicken wings, but for that alone, it is worth it to me. Delicious! Just like at a restaurant.


Chicken wings- yes, I can see that they would be good done in an air fryer; must try that.

I forgot to mention, slow cooker- brilliant!
I don’t use it a lot, but when i do I always ask myself why I don’t use it more.

I’d love to have a smoker.


I might do that, and donate the Actifry to a non Keto friend to free up the bench space.


Good Morning!

Thank you so much for all your help. I made it through month #1 doing all cooking, no take outs or restaurants or convenience food, not even a bag of ready salad! I now own an air fryer, sharp knives and have run out of freezer space. I think I’m on the right path!
There’s no way I would have survived without all of you, thank you so, so much!

Have a lovely day/evening/sleep :slightly_smiling_face:

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Newbie here too trying to figure out how to post. If you’re reading this then I’ve succeeded.

(Robin) #39

Welcome. Glad you found us. Anxious to hear your story.

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Lost 41 pounds in a little over 5 months. My regimen has consisted mainly of intermittent fasting until late afternoon and then my one meal of the day. More often than not that one meal is scrambled eggs made with heavy cream and cheese. I always add veggies, either spinach, asparagus, or peppers, or some combo of these three. Buffalo wings and a salad is another staple, as is a taco salad. My meals aren’t terribly varied, but I’m not eating for intertainment. I cheat occasionally such as going out for street tacos but as long as the ketostix show I’m still in ketosis and don’t beat myself up much. Usually have berries, heavy cream, and Stevie in the evening. I find mini stalls can be broken by Nordic walking. My body has adjusted to this lifestyle. I get hungry during the day but not to where I feel deprived. Joined this forum to learn how to fine tune my program.

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Hi Victoria, I was so excited to find this forum, and get so many leads to good videos and studies on benefits of keto, folks progress etc. I don’t come here often enough, but want to change that because I need others around me that share so many things in common.

I’m so glad you are here and welcome you. I am fairly new at the journey myself, but I suspect I will never stop learning new things about the ketogenic diet, and how much is really possible for me to live out my years with better health now :slight_smile: Denise