First "New Belt day"


(Crippie) #1

Big NSV for me, over the last week i was on my last belt hole on a belt that has seen way too much use. the years of forcing it into too small holes wore them down, tearing it and eating it up. So I have been looking forward to retiring it. Well on Friday last week my pants almost fell down while on the last belt hole. So it was finally time :slight_smile:.

Well to make it an even sweeter victory, I was planning on stopping by the local “Big and Tall” Store on my way home to get a new belt, as I have never even came close to a belt found at a normal store. but I also had to go to Target for a few items and it was closer, so I was there and saw the belts and said “lets try it!” Well to my surprise I fit into a normal XL belt on the racks at Target. :slight_smile: Not even the stretchy fat guy belts I used to try to squeeze into when I first gained my weight, an actual leather belt right on the normal Mens rack. I was so happy I bought 3 haha. They should last me a while as I am on the largest belt loop, but its good knowing I can now go to a normal store for pretty much all my clothing needs, no more big and tall.

On another note I have decided to take a break from The Scale. In the last few weeks I found myself getting almost obsessive about it, weighing every morning and changing my day because I maybe gained a fraction of a pound, or letting my mood be affected by which way the number went. Definitely not how I want it to be. So I am holding off on weighing myself until prior to my next extended fast which will be at the end of the month. I am just going to base my day off of how I feel which is my real goal anyway :slight_smile:

(Doug) #2

Nice, David. That’s indeed a great feeling - to be getting back to “normal.” I am really looking forward to clothes fitting decently.

Frequency of weighing - to each their own, but I agree that there is such a thing as “too often.” Every day, for example, will have the results overwhelmed by the “noise” of hormonal influence, electrolytic differences/water retention, etc. I’ve weighed myself 3 times in the last 5 months, and one of those was at the doctor’s office.


Good times.

I can virtually slip the pants on while they’re done up while not too long ago I had to pull in the gut to get that button done. Also the belt end is flapping around with an embarrassing length.

Time to get new pants… but these ones were the ones I got because I needed a smaller size to fit better. Doesn’t make sense

Thank you keto!

(Crippie) #4

Very true, i got to the point where I was weighing “too often” I started out weighing one time a week which worked for me, but as I got closer and closer to my first milestone(breaking 300lbs) I kept weighing more and more often, to where I got to weighing every single day, and even after breaking that milestone the habit persisted, recently i have really noticed it affecting my mood, so I told myself enough was enough and am not on my “Scale break” will see how it goes, might go back to weighing 1 time a week, or maybe 1 time a month or maybe just every so often. Will just see how it goes.


The next weighing, I so want to be under 100 (kg) . Maybe on the weekend I’ll have a peek…

(Doug) #6

:slightly_smiling_face: Me too, but I’ve got 30 kg. to go. :smile:

Seriously, though, heck yes - breaking through such a milestone number is righteous.


Congratulations!!! But you should’ve bought only one belt because before you know it the XL will be too big too :grin::+1:

(Crippie) #8

I know! But I couldn’t help myself. I really liked one and went with it, but there were two others on clearance so i figured what the heck and just went with it, now I have options in the morning, where as for the past 3 years its just been the 1 belt every day.

(Marcus Hayes) #9

Awesome! I think NSVs are more momentous than seeing numbers. Fitting into new clothes sizes are the best!



(Jeremy Storie) #11

I’m going to keep punching new holes in mine until I hit my goal weight. Then I’ll buy me a new one.

(Linda Culbreth) #12

David - what a great indication of making the right choices! But I agree with Carina - you will probably be giving away those belts in the near future to the nearest thrift store. Reward yourself with a few more pieces of :bacon: !