First major NSV shocked me in a good way


Was starting to struggle with staying positive because the scale has been stuck for 2.5 weeks. But something compelled me to try on a top my mum had bought me about a month before Christmas that I was too embarrassed to tell her clung to me and didn’t fit.

So I tried it on an hour ago. I almost started crying. It fit and it looked fine. It’s still a much bigger size than someone of my height should be wearing- and it didn’t fit perfectly; still clinging to flab in areas. But I couldn’t deny that it felt loser than when I tried it on in November. Just a little- but I couldn’t downplay it.

I’m so happy right now!


Happy for you! I am wearing a nightie which used to be too tight on my upper arms. Now it fits comfortably. Isn’t it great?! :grin::+1:

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #3

Congratulations! Stay with it and good things will happen. Just may take longer than your wishful thinking. I’m not a ‘big loser’, but from what I’ve learned from them here, weight loss is a process of lose/gain/stall repeat. 2 1/2 weeks is doodly squat. From time to time other stuff takes precedence, that’s all.

(Marianne) #4

I’m so happy for you!!!

One of the many reasons I stay off the scale. It’s just a number that really has no relevance and that I really don’t need to know, and it can be super depressing. Plus, it can fluctuate by the hour or day, so forget that! I know how I am doing by how my clothes look and feel.


Doesn’t that feel great though? Last year I looked like the Michelin man in my winter jacket, bulges forming rings around me. Now it hangs the way it should, and I can move my arms properly. Yeah!

(Susan) #6

That is Awesome, Sallou =).

Our bodies have suffered a lot of damage over all of our years of abusing them with sugar, heavy carbage and processed foods; so it will take time for them to heal. Keto is amazing and there are so many Non Scale Victories (NSV’s) like you have had the pleasure of experiencing yourself, with your body changing its shape, even though you don’t see the change on the scales.

You are doing great, best wishes for the rest of your Keto journey =).

(Jane) #7

Isn’t it a great feeling???

I hadn’t worn women’s M shirts in years and I still didn’t believe it even when I started to fit into them.

One day I was with my husband and picked a M shirt off the rack, held it up and said “no way that fits me”. He gave me a jaundiced look and said “TRY”. I shrugged and slipped it on over my t-shirt and even with the extra shirt it fit! I had a shocked look on my face and my husband was grinning at me and saying “SEE??? Told ya!!!”


Thanks everyone! I have bad APT so it distorts my body and its hard to see changes- but something like this gives you the oomph! to KCKO!

(Marianne) #9

Yes, it really is great when you experience something like that.