First Major Milestone


I hit my first major milestone today. I have lost 51 Lbs and 3 inches in my waist.

Just wanted to share.

(Cindy) #2

Great milestones!


Congratulations! How many non weight benefits are you experiencing?


I feel more energetic, sleep better (well rested), seem to be able to focus better on my daily tasks, and most importantly have an outlook on life I never thought I would or could have. Between exercise and weight loss, I have some physical disabilities with my back, knees and legs (non-weight related), but through physical therapy and my PT showing me machines at the gym, I have been able to work out vigorously. Plus I can actually see myself being able to play catch with my daughter and actually enjoy my vacations and photo shoots in the back 40 of good ol america without having to stop every few minutes to rest.