First Kiwi Keto Meeting in Auckland

(Martin Danner) #1

Thank you to all who showed up for our first meeting at the AUT Millennium in Auckland. The general feedback is that it was worthwhile and went well.

The main topic of the meeting was Getting Started on your Keto / LCHF Lifestyle.

The group decided that the focus of our next meeting should be Shopping for Keto. If your interested, join our meetup group!

Martin Danner (me) giving a very high-level explanation of how keto works. Guess what the red fuel pump represents.

Grant Schofield, our local expert, then gave a wonderful presentation. He gave us 10 tips for getting started, and then did a really informative Q & A session. Thank you Grant for both the informative presentation and for hosting the event.

Grant’s presentation was followed by an open discussion that ranged across multiple topics. A really nice group of people turned up. They were very engaged, with great questions and experiences to share.

We then adjourned to the adjacent kitchen to enjoy some yummy keto snacks and a chinwag. Good fun!

The AUT Millennium is a beautiful and (to me at least) inspiring venue. It’s located in the North Shore section of Auckland.

If you’d like to start a similar group in your area just let me know. I’m happy to help you get started.