First attempt at smoking a chicken

(Danielle) #1

For NYE I decided to smoke a chicken.

Pretty happy with the results.

We did a dry brine of salt, pepper and thyme overnight and then added white wine and thyme to the little cup in the holder.

The meat was smoky in flavour and much more moist meat.

Very happy with my first attempt


Dumb question time… Do you have a smooker or did you DIY it?

(Danielle) #3

We have a smoker. We got it from Aldi. It’s the same as @richard one.


Brilliant, love the random things you get in this store.

(AnnaLeeThal) #5

This looks amazing!

(Guardian of the bacon) #6

Brought back memories of first time smokin…

No meat was involved.


I do also! One recently opened just a few miles from me. Now if we just had a Trader Joe’s!