Finally Getting it Right

(Cathy Schroder) #1

I was bloated and overweight as I entered my twenties.

I was bloated and overweight when I entered my thirties.

I was bloated and obese as I entered my forties.

I was bloated obese and very ill as I entered my fifties.

Today I am 51 and I weigh less than I ever remember. I’m happy, healthy and looking forward to the rest of my life. Thanks Carl and Richard and all the admins for the encouragement that you give and the examples that you set.

(Chris Bair) #2

I actually get a little angry when I think about all the wasted effort of previous years (and the sausage I felt too guilty to eat because “fat is bad for you”). So glad I discovered Keto.

(Cathy Schroder) #3

I’m happy that I found Keto and that I was drawn to it despite all the negativity from everyone else. I’m happy that I have both legs and that my eyesight is just fine.

I’m angry that my maternal grandmother had both legs amputated as a direct result of diabetes. I’m angry that my mother all but gave up walking as a direct result of diabetes. I’m really angry that my paternal grandmother and great aunt suffered from Alzheimer’s and that my dad died a truly horrible death from Lewy Body Disease. I believe that all these events stem from the total and utter bullshit that we are told about ‘healthy’ diets.

But today I am just happy that I will not suffer the fate that they did.

(Jacquie) #4

@madaboutchooks. Well done! :slight_smile: You fought back against your family history. Very sad though, especially your dad’s situation. That must have a very difficult time for you.

(I like to post memes!) #5

What a feel-good thread! So important to be grateful for what we have learned, and to share this knowledge with others. :sunny:

(Cathy Schroder) #6

It was. But he’s in a better place now.