Fiber from tapioca starch


I’ve been eating Kirkland protein bars as a sweet treat the last few days. They have erithrytol and stevia and I understand there are some who think artificial sweeteners can affect blood sugar so I’m bearing that in mind, but even if you were to count the erithrytol as carbs, there are only 4 grams of that. But my real question is regarding the “fiber,” of which there are 15 grams. Is that real fiber that doesn’t count toward my carbs? Because the ingredient say it comes from “tapioca starch.” I did some google research and apparently tapioca starch is neither soluble nor insoluble fiber, but it’s “resistant starch” which can be considered a third type of fiber as it also helps digestion/blood sugar and isn’t turned into glucose. But I’m not really sure, as there’s not a lot of information out there, and to me “starch” sounds like “carb”! A LOT of protein bars out there have a high fiber count and I suspect they are from the same ingredient. So it would be good to know whether this is really fiber!

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Okay, anyone who follows me knows how much I love Costco and KS products.

But there’s one I HATE and it’s their protein bars. They taste like caulk. How can you stand them?


Dunno, my husband buys them and they tasted surprisingly good to me a few days ago since I hadn’t eaten anything sweet in a long time. The brownie one tastes better than the chocolate chip cookie dough (less aftertaste it seems). After the third day of eating them, they no longer tasted as good. Hopefully that means they won’t be a daily habit. I’d be ok with eating them like every other day, if that’s the only sweet I eat.

It’s weird though because he also has Think Thin bars which I used to LOVE–I remember binging on them when I was on a low calorie diet…and now I think they taste completely disgusting.

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This is the confusing and inherent problem with “net” carbs. Consider the nutritional info, according to Cronometer:

I count total, not net carbs. I wouldn’t eat this.

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Even counting net carbs, I wouldn’t eat it. That’s a lot of net carbs to waste on cardboard.

(Tami Proctor) #6

A KETO friend of mine gave me some to Kirkland Protein Bars to try. I checked with the specialist at my KETO doctor’s office and she said they were fine as long as I didn’t go crazy with them. I bought a few boxes and should have known that things were not right after the first few bars.

When I’m in ketosis my urine has a strong sweet smell. That was gone. Then after daily consumption…they are so good microwaved for 10 seconds and eaten with pecans😋.

After 2 weeks my chronic pain levels were increasing and my restlessness leg symptoms had returned. But I wanted to be wrong I was recovering from surgery and they were just so easy.

Ok, my health was a priority. I ordered a KetoMojo to test my blood ketones. Sure enough big fat zero. It took a week to get back into ketosis.

I’m grateful for the experience, I learned that I can listen to my body. Next time I’m going to pick on the signals quicker.