Fewer ums and pauses, and I've lost 10" off my waist

(Cranford Coulter) #1

The last 2 Fridays I spent a good deal of time with our youngest daughter (age 37), taking her to the doctor and the hospital. She has serious health problems all connected to metabolic syndrome. Two amazing things happened today. My wife had a long phone conversation with her, where she was persuading her to go all in on the Keto WOE. They were on the phone for over an hour! My wife pointed out how well I was doing. I got off of insulin in two weeks. After a month, I was off blood pressure meds. I have lost 55 pounds and 10 inches off my waist.
My daughter said what impressed her most was that when I was telling stories, I didn’t have so many ums and pauses like I used to. This has convinced her to try keto. She said my ums were getting old.
My wife told her that she was also working up to starting keto to address her own diabetes, etc.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #2

Same for me almost exactly.

Also, 27 yo daughter has lost ~70 lbs and gone from dress size 26 to 12.

Good luck and congrats on your progress.

(Tyler) #3

That is fantastic. Congratulations on achieving such awesome results with your health. I hope to hear one of these days that your daughter is doing equally as well

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #4

Congrats! It’s always frustrating when you can’t find your words (it happened to me after chemo). I’m glad you’re having such good NSVs and your family is noticing!

(Susan) #5

Congrats on your Keto victories, and I wish your wife and your daughter all the best for them on Keto as well =).

(Marianne) #6

Wow; I just love to hear this!

I hope your daughter will give it a try and wind up loving it.

(Cranford Coulter) #7

I ended the year having lost a total of 65 pounds. My A1c has gone from 10.2 to 5.2 (non-diabetic). Even my feet have gotten thinner.

(Liz Ellen) #8

Incredible results @Arimathean! How long have you been doing it now? Can you pass along advice for persisting on this WOE?

(Cranford Coulter) #9

I started in February 2019 at the suggestion of Frank, my visiting nurse. I was in the midst of having my 46th thru 49th TIAs, then an apparent seizure. I learned that the insulin I was taking for my T2D had scarred my arteries and I had to get a right carotid endarterectomy. I am allergic to 13 meds, most of them antibiotics.
So getting off of insulin and the blood pressure med and staying off of them is a great incentive. I don’t get fancy with my cooking. It’s the easiest WOE to maintain. I don’t do a lot of counting, calculating or measuring. I do read labels and keep carbs under 15g net.

(Bob M) #10

Keep going? Keep testing? I’ve been doing this 6 years now. That’s what I do.

(Bob M) #11

That is great news!

How about the daughter?