Fermenting crock weights mould

(David Pegg) #1

I have only used my fermenting crock 3 or so times and put it in the back of the cupboard. The unglazed ceramic weights were stacked on top of one another and now have mould on them. Do you Think they can be rectified? Or are they never gonna ferment again, guilty weights got no hygiene…?

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(Derek I. Batting) #3

@ketomarriage4life, I really hope I’m not the only one that gets that joke! :joy: :joy: :joy:

(June David) #4

Mine did that too but I washed really well, soaked in a peroxide solution overnight and they are good as new.

(Full Metal Keto) #6

Okay, here’s the deal. When you finish a batch and you are not starting another right away turn your oven on and heat to 350 F. Turn it off. Rinse you stones well and put them in the oven and let it cool down. You stones will be sterile for storage.

As far as resurrecting you moldy stones boil in a mix of vinegar and water and dry as I mentioned before. NEVER USE DISH SOAP ON UNGLAZED CERAMICS.

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Thanks David

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Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. Thanks.