Female recomposition with IF - TMAD instead of OMAD - depending on your age/health?


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This has been a really interesting thread.

@SlowBurnMary can you link me to where you talk about this further?


Sorry Paulene, I haven’t a clue as to that due to my word-dense writings… maybe try the search bar on the midlife females topic? Nurse Cindy’s great video about fat cells being like water balloons is an excellent starting point too.

For midlife and older females, much of the process seems to have to do with hormonal balance and how much we’re hijacked by excess cortisol beyond the normal higher cortisol of the midlife and later female years. Nurse Cindy herself in a recent low carb conference presentation mentioned how she’s dropped fat everywhere else but her mature belly, which hasn’t gone anywhere lol/sob. At least mine isn’t multiplying, it’s either shrinking or staying stable.