Fell waaayyyyy off keto wagon, life update, gained 20 lb

(Jill F.) #1

Hi keto friends, I have missed you all! I have been doing so terrible eating healthy I mentally couldn’t even come on here if that makes any sense. I have gained 23 of my 40 pounds I lost in 2018 and restarted keto way of life a week ago.

Life and COVID effects have happened to us all since February or March time frame. My life has been a whirlwind of change and I feel it contributed to my keto demise. I have 3 grown step kids and my youngest step daughter is 31 and she lost her job and has extensive health problems so she moved back in with us, probably long term. My autistic son is almost 16 and he has had a hard time adjusting to all the COVID restrictions and doesn’t understand why we are home so much. I am a psychotherapist and my private practice greatly suffered with the shutdowns and I ended up closing it in July. I am branching out to try a 100% online practice next month.

I am soooo glad to be getting back on track and determined to not let COVID, life, situations, etc, get in my way of taking care of me anymore. So I am curious how it has effected you all? Anyone else failed miserably on keto during this time?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

Welcome back! I’m sorry for your problems, but I hope that returning to a ketogenic diet will help them.

Good luck with the on-line practice. My parish rents space to a counseling center, and I was talking with the director recently about how they are managing. All sessions are done on-line, and it seems to be working, so far. I hope it works for you, as well.

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(Alex) #4

Hi Jill :slight_smile: welcome back! Sorry you’ve been through so much this year, that must have been (and continue to be) so hard to deal with.

You’re definitely not alone in struggling to stay on track this year. I think my weight graph for this year speaks for itself when it comes to how well I stayed on track this past year. Redundancy and a navagating a pandemic with chronic health issues is a common but rubbish situation I found myself in. Rum and fudge were responsible for most of the weight gain I’m sure.

It’s been suprisingly easy to get started again when I was ready. It sounds like you’ve reached that point too mentally. Best of luck with keto again and your online practice too :slight_smile: let us know how both go!

(Laurie) #5

Sorry about your troubles, Jill!

The general situation seems to be causing a real divide between introverts and extroverts. It’s given me an opportunity to revel in being an introvert–to really enjoy being alone and to figure out what I want, without being pulled in all directions by the usual social pressures.

As you know, people have very strong opinions about the Covid protocols. My best friend became quite vehement about her views, to the extent that she spoke disrespectfully to me and I had to end the friendship. Once again, more freedom for me to eat alone, eat what I want, etc.

So, coincidentally or not, I’m doing very well on keto this time around.

Congratulations on getting back on keto. I wish you the best with the online practice. I hope everything else sorts itself out for you as well.

(Jane) #6

You aren’t alone by any stretch and you’ve come to the right place for support to get back on track.



You’ve got a lot to deal with and I’m hoping everything works out from now on. Good luck with the new practice.

(Jill F.) #8

So sorry that happened with your friend. That can be stressful too. I am usually a pretty social person but this social distancing thing kind of has grown on me. Lol.


Hang in there, Jill. If they keep this up for a few more months, I predict we’ll be needing A LOT more therapists around. :wink:

(Susan) #10

Welcome back to the forum, Jill! I am sorry for all the struggles that you and your family have been experiencing.

I hope that your online practice will be a success and I wish you all the best in getting back on track with your Keto journey as well. Take care =).

(Susan) #11

I am so sorry that that situation happened to you with your friend; Laurie but I can totally understand why you needed to end the friendship. I have had similar situations in the past as well. It is hard but sometimes necessary. Take care =).

(Robin) #12

Hell yes! The covid 19 (pounds) is what sent me running back to keto. Four months in and I’m back! It’s funny how many people drop off here when life gets tough and we falter. Believe me, there are enough hard knocks survivors on here to at least walk with you, on or off keto.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

Welcome back Jill. You know what you need to do so go for it.

Good luck with the online practice.

(Jill F.) #14

Thanks everyone, seriously yall are the best!!! I feel so much better already and don’t even care if I have lost weight just getting my cravings under control again and feeling better physically has been worth it!


I am very with you on the introvert thing. I had no idea I was one until this happened and I was “forced” to stay home. I think it helped me stick to keto and try new recipes. I even learned how to make keto ice cream. Plus, my degree is in biology so all of these safety precautions seem like something we should have been doing my entire life (wearing masks so people won’t breathe their gross germs on me is my favorite part). But, as this post shows, I must be in the minority. It seems terrible to express how well things are going when so many are sick, dying, and just plain struggling with life. I worry when things go back to normal. I already had to go back on my depression meds as things start to open up here. I was able to stop in March but already feel my anxiety rise as people push for less restrictions.

(Roberta Worley) #16

You really should pat yourself on the back. Really and truly. 23 out of 40 are something to be lauded, not frowned upon.

And now you’re back. Good. It makes me happy that you didn’t just totally give up and give in.

Welcome back!


We could start our own “Introverts Thriving on COVID” support group or something. :slight_smile:


And I thought my plate was full. We all fail sometimes and we are all successful sometimes. We all have situations that challenge us. Some more so than others. But we as humans can change how we feel. Being more mindful of situations certainly helps. Best of luck on your journey

(Eleanor ) #19

The same thing happened to me. I had also lost 40 lbs and gained back 20. I’m back on the diet now. It’s been almost a month. I have not weighed myself yet I am going to do that on November 1st. So we will see if you can bounce back into loosing the weight again. Good luck to you and me :heart_eyes:

(Jill F.) #20

Thanks, I know I feel better already only about 10 days in. I hope we can both get off our weight. Gives a whole new meaning to Covid 19 for me since that is what I gained lol.