Feeling crummy after a week of awesome?


So I have been carnivore for about 1 week and very low carb for a bit more than a couple of weeks. I’m doing it mostly because it keeps me feeling very cheery and I have recently been feeling a bit depressed. Been low carb most of the last 6yrs before that but not just recently. After starting low carb and especially carnivore again I was feeling fantastic- super cheery, lots of energy, the only problem I had is diarrhea which I get every time I go very low carb (even if I’m not carnivore). A few days ago I started feeling less cheery suddenly and now the last two days I have woken up in the middle of the night with really bad runs and nauseous. I feel fine in the day. At the moment I haven’t had anything to eat and I feel good other than tired from lack of sleep. Not particularly hungry and no stomach upset. Diet is generally local eggs, bacon, steak, ground beef and last night I had wild salmon. Steak is the thing I eat most- especially t-bones from a grass fed cow. Day 1 of this I did not add fat to my diet (not even to cook) which is the way I have been eating this whole time pretty much. Day 2 I added tallow (grass fed again) thinking maybe my cow is too lean but I felt worse last night than the night before actually. Considering going back on LCHF but I don’t want to give up too easily because last time I did I regretted it because I never feel happier than when I am on carnivore. I look good, lost 6lbs, skin is clear and softer, my abs are starting to show, otherwise this is going well but I am not sure if I can take another night like last night. How can this be so good for my mental health and appearance but not my gut health? What could be causing this?

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Rendered fat can cause the shits, as well as drinking anything an hour or so before or after eating only beef. As far as the depression, it’s only been a week and you’re not adapted to no plants yet, I wouldn’t chalk anything up this soon. It can take months to fully adapt to carnivore even coming from long term low carb.


Thanks, yes it hasn’t been long. Guess I was hoping my mood would stay high since it started that way I thought I got lucky. I’ll try limiting the water.

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Many people have reported symptoms (emotional/psychological and physical) “rearing their ugly heads” as they are somewhat exposed by eliminating plants. At least most of those stories ended up evening back out and the waters calming down. That’s my scientific answer. /s

But in all seriousness, I’d just stick with it and keep track of what happens to you.


Breaking my fast now with steak n eggz. Hope I feel okay tonight!