Feb 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


It would work for me though. Even just putting stuff into the freezer does wonders to me. I still am aware I have nice food with easy access but somehow it’s a barrier I kind of respect. If I really want it, it doesn’t help but it’s not so often the case.

It didn’t work with my salty fat bombs, they were good (peanut based so no wonder I was too tempted). Chocolate in the freezer never worked either - unless I put it into a separate box with the intention to use it later. My mind works in interesting ways. But I almost never did that with it, I usually make a tiny chocolate in the freezer (a thin layer. crunchy!) and eat it up even if I don’t want it (it takes some time to get hard and I may get satiated during that time. it’s normal for me, I eat, I am not satiated… But I wait and it gets way better). It’s there, it should be eaten… (One of my big eating problems is “it’s there”. I am way better but it’s not completely over yet.)

Carnivore helps as I don’t make chocolate, I just have a lot in jars but that’s different, I live with chocolate jars next to me since a decade. (Okay, I lived with peanuts next to me as well and I never learned to ignore it until carnivore… Peanuts are just that special. But I ate chocolate often too… I start to forget what I did on my original keto, it’s nothing like what I do now. Even my desires changed drastically.)

And eating all the time… Well, that’s where being a natural IFer can help… Especially with a tiny eating window. I may do crazy things but at least not before 3pm… Just sometimes. Weekends may be special though I stopped getting hungry at noon, yay! Too bad I can eat without hunger but it still makes things easier.
Today I have a baking phase. Very serious.


So after all of those nuts yesterday, I’m still down 1.4 lbs after that long fast. The body is an amazing thing. Apparently I needed something from those nuts since it didn’t mess up my progress. At least, that is what I’m telling myself…LOL

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With two flights of stairs at least I get some movement in when I do cave and go get them.

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Isn’t it funny how we create little mental barriers to foods we might binge on, and we respect them…. Knowing we could go in the freezer and eat all those little treasures. In my case, it’s never bringing the bag of local beef jerky with me. Take out three pieces and move along… then eat slowly and savor.


I’m with you on the barriers. I am very surprised at the number of habits that I had developed over the years that I had to break or that broke on their own since I’ve gone keto.

There are a couple more that I am still working on. But, it’s one step at at time. Eating before bed as I mentioned earlier is my biggest downfall. The fasting is certainly helping with that. But, I still get the urge.


If I get an urge, I eat. I don’t resist temptation, it’s against my core personality. So I need to avoid temptation.
Night eating isn’t natural to me so it’s totally up to my eating during the day. I can’t always guess the right amount, satiation is a tricky thing too… But good timing and food choices tend to work very well.
Today I had a mood to bake a lot and didn’t do OMAD but I will go back to it tomorrow or else it will be harder later… And I really like my OMAD when I manage to do it. It’s good for so many things! Convenience, avoiding overeating, it keeps me from getting bored of my food I think (sometimes it’s the other way but it usually helps with it)… And what else would I do with my bigger meals? It should be OMAD. I can’t eat tiny ones. But a bigger one lasts for so, so long… I really love fasting as long as I am perfectly satiated. Eating is such a chore (just because I like eating, it is, sometimes more than other times), I don’t want to bother with it too often. I may want food joy multiple times a day but I have cooking and baking for that…


I appreciate these fasting threads being available. It’s a little bit of accountability for me to type in here every once in a while. It really keeps me focused knowing someone else is doing this with me.

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Bed time munchies… the sweet siren’s call to partake in the forbidden.

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Started a new fasting thread for March: