JAN 2021 Maintenance Check-In


New year, new month so here is the new thread.
So how are you all doing?
Any plans for this new year?

I am currently doing a water fast but plan on having coffee tomorrow AM. But fasting onwards. I will just go til I feel like I need to eat. I had a bounce up and want to stomp that back down. I have been so lucky to be healthy and not put on any weight in 2020. I want to make sure I stay “lucky” too.

DEC 2020 Maintenance Check-In
(Vic) #2

Its the 3th new year on maintenance for me.

At 81kg I’m still 10kg below my “Dream come true weight”.

For 2021 I will remain in my confort zone. For me that is Carnivore and Ketovore once in a while.

I may do a longer fast in 2021, just to experience it ones, my longest ever is 42h.

My biggest goal is to remain Healthy and happy.


:tada::tada::tada:Congrats on your maintenance, Vic.
3 years is awesome. :tada::tada::tada:

(Robin) #4

Hanging in there, 6 months in, and no longer give it much thought. I rarely weigh, but last time showed 43 pounds down. Maybe 10 more to go, but that’s not on my radar either. I just do my thing. I’m lucky, it’s easy for me. My clothes and my mirror and the way I feel are my guides. I added a rowing machine a few months ago… not for weight loss, but for maintaining strength and flexibility (arthritis). It’s been a good addition to my lifestyle. My main goal at 66 is to remain able to get up from the floor! LOL

(Central Florida Bob ) #5

Still here. Had a strange December in that I hurt a shoulder muscle somehow and that caused a lot of interruption to my life. That was around the start of the month. Thankfully, it went away with nothing but rest and some Tylenol, but it took weeks. I didn’t lift weights for the month of December, finally getting back to it today. I was able to ride my bike after the first few days just because the positions didn’t cause pain or make it worse. Deliberately took today’s weight session easy, not knowing what to expect. Five hours later, I feel pretty normal.

I did my one day a week fasts except for Christmas Eve, and pretty regularly do days that I think are carnivore - no veggies at any time, but have coffee and tea with cream. My weight over the last couple of months has been the same +/- 2 lbs.

(Liz ) #6

Hi! Not sure I’m at my final low weight but I seem to have settled at around 160 and at 5’ 7” it’s comfortable. That’s 100 pounds down from my highest. I’m not actively trying to lose, just eating high fat carnivore and seeing what happens. I don’t fast anymore. I like the freedom of ZC, my carb addiction doesn’t bother me when I don’t eat plants & nuts. I’m not counting macros. I feel I can trust my hunger & satiety signals after almost a year just eating meat, fish, poultry, and dairy. (plus coffee & tea)


74kg this morning, hopefully very temporarily, I was 71 on a November morning so I gained super quickly. My mind is still used to gaining ~1 kg per year while seriously overeating on HCHF… And I wasn’t exactly wild in December and I gained nothing when I was in the past and had a smaller weight and smaller activity. I even had some low appetite carni days in December. Maybe there is something about huge stress causing problems… I surely didn’t gain muscles as I stopped weightlifting when my stressful period started. Oh well, it’s January, it’s way easier for me to eat right after December and I won’t even have fruits in my garden until June…

I stopped tracking, it’s nice. I may do it on some days but very rarely. It doesn’t help with fat-loss, I am just curious.
I need to get back my small eating window though. Eating without need all the time has problems. It’s not nearly as bad on carnivore but still not good.

2021 should be the year when I lose some more fat already. But it’s still not my primary goal. I want more energy and I want to feel my best. I know very well I should stay close to carnivore so I do that now.

Let 2021 be successful for all of us! :slight_smile: I am nothing if not an optimist :slight_smile:


Hi Stranger :slight_smile: So glad to see you here.

Glad you settled into a way of eating that works for you.

Hope your parents are doing well.

(Liz ) #9

Hello friend! Glad to see you are still here. Hope things are going well.

My dad passed away in 2018 so my husband & I moved in to care for mom. Other than trouble with balance, which we think is damage from Lyme disease, she’s doing really well on keto! She’ll be keto 2 years this month. My husband will be 57 next month and eats mostly keto, he has the physique of a fit 30 year old, a big difference from our wedding in 2002 when I was 100 pounds bigger and he was 50 pounds overweight. We love going for walks in mom’s beautiful city. I never liked walking before keto!

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

So about you loss. Glad your mom is doing so well.

Sounds like you and hubby are doing fantastic these days.

We are doing fine. I’ve maintained my weight loss through all this craziness and he is controlling his T2D just fine with diet and exercise. My nephew and a half sister did get COVID but both had mild cases and so far no signs of lingering effects.

(Liz ) #11

Thank you. So glad the Covid cases were mild! Yikes. And that you are well. I continue to be so grateful my mom is keto, that I lost weight and got healthier on lockdown, and that it’s a new year, maybe with relief (vaccines) in sight.

(Jane) #12

154.7 this morning, so 2 lbs from a month of Christmas, New Years and my birthday. 5 lbs over goal but considering the stress of 2020 I’ll take it!

Can’t believe I am heading into year 4 of keto! Or that I am only 5 lbs over my goal weight after 3 years. And the best part is I am not hungry all the time, don’t feel deprived and it is easy. Wouldn’t have been successful otherwise.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

Congrats on long term ketoing. You have done a good job of maintaining.

I love the no hunger part of this WOE as well Oh and being able to stay within my goal range without logging every bite I put in my mouth.

(Jane) #14

Same here. I quit logging a long time ago. I know when I have had too many carbs - don’t need to step on the scale or log anything - and it is usally intentional and I cut back to compensate.

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

Here is the latest Maintenance Check-In thread. Please join in over there with your updates.