Feast the day before?


Hi! So, I have a question about feasting before a fast.

My stats: 172cm, 69kg, and I do 23:1 most days of the week.

I want to join the Zorn fast this month and as a preparation I decided to start fasting yesterday (thursday) night, up until as Long as I can (Minimum saturday night is my Goal, or sunday if I can.)

I dont have that much fat to lose anymore, so it might be harder for me. Ive done 36 hours before successfully.

I think I remember Carl mentioning he feasts the day before and the day after his multiple day fasts. Question is: Should I? and how much of a fest?

So, my normal caloric intake is 1000 to 1200 cals, and I do cycle the caloric intake sometimes (one day eating less and the other more). What I did yesterday was, I didnt do my usual 23:1 IF schedule, ate breakfast which triggered my hunger and then had lunch, and then a very big dinner, which in total ended up in 2500 to 3000 calories, double my normal daily Protein intake and a lot of good fats. My theory is this would help Speed up my metabolism right before fasting. And it would also help me fast longer . Will it though? Is this right or Counter productive? I would then break my fast with a regular 1200 calorie day, since my feast already gave me enough calories to go the fasting days with a 1200/day average. Meaning I wouldnt Need a Surplus AFTER the fast.

But would it be better to feast only after the fast?


If you are at goal weight or very near it please check out this calculator for the amount of fat you might have to provide during fasting.

I find that if I eat my normal meals with an emphasis on the fats, not necessarily upping the total caloric count, both before and after, I do the best with fasts. I tried loading up on lots fats afterwards and was not happy with the results. I eat plenty of saturated fats, along with olive oil, avocados, olives.

These days I do some fasting and just carry on as normal. I am a short, older woman just slightly below my goal weight. I think of it as being at my Phinney weight. I love what I eat, and I think I can maintain this going forwards. I reached goal end of April and maintained slightly below it since then.

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That calculator is so much nicer than my spreadsheet! YAY! Even better is the knowledge that my spreadsheet aligns with the experience of our forum. Double Yay! I do not add the extra fat preferring to total fast with exception of black coffee, water, salt and magnesium at about 36 hours ( I cramp up otherwise).