FDA Guidance on Nutrition Labeling for Allulose

(Ethan) #1

Interesting information.


(Karen) #2

I know that manufactures like to be able to write off certain sugars so that the labeling of the product appears to be lower in carbohydrates. For example if they can possibly write off something that appears to be natural, such as honey or cranberry extract, then they can look more wholesome and less carbohydrate laden. Interesting article.

(Full Metal Keto) #3

I think this sucks! You’re not going to be able to differentiate between sugar alcohols which are not used as glucose in your body from HFC, sucrose and fructose. It’s going to make it harder to know what you’re eating, not easier.

I wonder if this was influenced by the sugar mafia to be able to keep sneaking their drugs into people’s food. :rage: