Favorite Fasting Apps


Hi all! I know this question has been asked before and I did search and read through all the threads that I could find, but the last one is from about a year ago which is probably like 5 years in the tech world…LOL

Any favorite fasting apps out there that anyone uses to track their fasts?

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Don’t need an app to track nothing :wink:

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I use LIFE.

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I really like LIFE and the fact you can schedule the fasts as you’d like. I also use carb manager for a log, but you can track fasting through there as well!


Right? Haha

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I use my watch. Old school.

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Mine is called SP. I write my start time on a Sheet of Paper, and tuck the paper under the keyboard of my desktop computer for ready reference. :grin:

Actually, I’m just kidding. I don’t fast. Unless you count IF as fasting.


Well that’s what I’ve been using too, but I have been extremely busy at work and sometimes forget what time I started so thought it might be fun to keep a little better track.


SP might be a good one! LOL

I do count IF as fasting… That’s mainly what I do. My longest fast so far is only about 36 hours when isn’t all that long in comparison to some others, but I’m definitely interested. My schedule and my family’s disapproval have kept me from going farther than that so far…

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I use Zora it is free and easy to use for any lengths of fasting.


I like the Life app. I don’t usually use fasting apps. Whether I’m doing an extended fast or a 24 hour fast, I monitor how my fast is going by listening to my body. How are my energy levels? Do I feel weak? Am I cranky? I find metrics like these to be more useful than data an app can provide.