Favorite essential oil



Mine is lard though when I really like it, it’s in solid form :slight_smile: I can imagine drinking melted butter but lard… Nope. At least not alone.

I wonder if the bacon grease people like so much is from some better bacon. I dislike bacon grease. The lard I get when I make scratchings (it has their flavor and it’s far from white) is much better. Store-bought lard is bad though. They add the wrong things to it while I add the right flavors and coloring :wink:

(David Cooke) #3

Lard has a high portion of Omega-6, so I no longer make my own. Coconut oil has everything going for it.


Yeah I have a pretty big omega6/omega3 ratio but my body doesn’t complain so I don’t care. It’s not like I could change it anyway.
I use very little added fat as I need to do everything to minimalize my fat intake but it’s still not little. Cooking with something else barely would change anything, it’s more useful to train myself to eat the leanest meat comfortably possible. But my fat intake still stays high. It can’t be helped. If it goes lower, I develop a butter addiction… Sigh. :upside_down_face:

Coconut oil is tasteless and I am a hedonist. Sometimes I use it, it’s not bad. Just not tasty.

(KM) #5

I think it’s because bacon (at least American bacon) is full of salt, and it’s typically smoked. Loads and loads of salt and smoke, which makes the grease gloriously tasty. The lard that is sold here is packaged and typically not salted at all, it’s a bit like eating melted candlewax, personally. I can see that lard home-rendered from a piece of seasoned pork would be just as good as bacon grease, it would be basically the same thing.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #6

If that’s your only source, it’s fine. But one of the reasons to stick with real food is that, as Stephen Phinney puts it, “The big challenge of the standard American diet is not getting enough ω-6 fats, it’s avoiding getting too much.”

(KM) #7

I could be wrong on this, but I think it has a lot to do with what the pig is fed. I know that grass finished pastured beef has a very different omega profile than feedlot beef. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to get whole cuts of pork from pigs which are forested/pastured/wild, and ground boar doesn’t have nearly enough fat to render for lard. (It’s also super frustrating that you can get feedlot pork with loads of fat on it for such a crazy low price, while the only specialty pork I’ve found is 10X the cost.)


It’s not the salt, my biggest problem with bacon here is that it’s inedibly salty to me.
Anyway, unsalted feels unsalted, not bad. At least to me. I know when something is not salty enough :slight_smile: Or when it’s too salty.
It’s not the same as bacon is smoked and well, bacon flavored? All cuts taste different anyway, I am pretty sensitive to it :slight_smile: And love smoked stuff! But fried meat is wonderful too… The little thoroughly fried pieces make the lard very, very good :wink: Yes, the salt is needed too but that’s another layer.