Fatty Liver Disease.....GONE!


Good afternoon everyone. It has been a few months since I posted. As some of you may remember, I came to Keto last July after being diagnosed with Fatty Liver disease that had progressed to areas of fibrosis. So starting last July 18th, I went on a Keto diet on the advice of my Dr. and never looked back.

I just returned from my one year followup appointment with my Gastroenterologist. The results, after now 54 weeks, my liver is clear, I mean completely clear. All of my tests have come back normal, enzymes normal, new ultrasound shows no evidence of fatty deposits, etc. Even the areas that were turning fibrous look normal. (Even my Dr. was surprised by this)

So, my journey took a full year. It started as Keto. Intermittent fasting came along after a few months. Now, I’m pretty much full bore Carnivore. Though I will admit that an olive or two crosses my plate once in a while. If it matters, I lost over 40 lbs in a year, almost 6" from my waist, and I feel amazing.

I’m not going to tell you that this was easy or if there was never a time that I doubted that this would work. But please take it from me, Keto heals. Just give it the time to do its thing.

(Bob M) #2

That is awesome!


Congrats! :smiley: I have no idea how big a thing it is, I don’t even know what exactly fatty liver is and I am never tested for anything but it sounds like a great feat! And losing fat and feeling right, I can understand that part :slight_smile: It’s nice to read success stories.

(Robin) #4

Congrats and you will only get better and better!

(Rebecca ) #5

Thank you for sharing! Your story gives truth and hope for healing!


Congratulations! Perhaps you were able to teach your doctor a thing or two! :grinning:

(Marianne) #7

Amen to that! Keto has been my miracle, no joke. What other “diet” (way of eating) is so metabolically restorative while allowing one to actually eat until we are full. I don’t think vegetarians or people on a “plant based diet” still eating some crap can say the same thing. Conventional dieting was shear torture and based in deprivation. The few times I was successful, it took months and I eventually gained all the weight back.

I’m so happy to hear of your success! I am a carnivore, too; it just suits me. I hope you will continue indefinitely.


Absolutely brilliant!

I’ve had something similar; maybe not just as succesful, yet.

Weight loss has been great, along with fitness levels.
I was diagnosed NAFLD under ultrasound scan.
After losing all the weight, I told my gastroenterologist I was worried at doing all this work, and the liver would still not recover because I’m partial to imbibing gin.

So they sent me for a fibrosis scan, just recently.
No fibrosis at all, and only some evidence of fatty liver.
I couldn’t believe it, and neither could they! Given what I was chinning during lockdown (when driving wasn’t necessary).

I’m just going to work on reducing the alcohol intake (with periods of abstinence)…and I think it’ll be job done.

Well done yourself!


I don’t have a suggestion for you as far as the alcohol is concerned. I haven’t had a drink since July 18th of last year (not that I’m counting…lol). But, I can tell you that my GE told me yesterday that I could now have a little alcohol here and there and it shouldn’t hurt anything. I’m probably not going to, at least not yet. I truly don’t miss it.


No bother- all advice welcome.

I’ve already made steps to address it. Still functioning, working etc. etc. it’s just I’ve noticed consumption going up…creeping up, if you will…over the last two years.

The people I’m talking to have said there has been a lot of that, during the pandemic. Boredom, mainly. Then habits form.

Anyway, main thing is I want to reduce it so the weight loss wasn’t a waste of effort. :+1:

(Bob M) #11

If you do drink, have some saturated fat with it, such as cream. Supposedly, saturated fat reduces the chance of steatosis of the liver.


Yeah. I do eat well, especially now.

I also supplement well, having researched the vits, supps, electrolytes that alcohol can deplete.

It’s not so bad- I’m just concious of habit creeping up (because I’m still mainly working at home, bored to death sometimes), so would like to get out on the bike, swim etc. instead of having a ‘rewarding’ drink in the evening. I do plenty of dog walking too.

It’ll be grand- no fibrosis, and I’ll get rid of the rest of whatever fatty liver hopefully soon.
Could’ve been a lot worse…I wasn’t looking after myself too well for a while there.


I was shocked that it disappeared to be honest with you. I was concerned that at least some would remain.

For me personally, this has been a real learning experience. When you live in a society that throws pills at every single aliment, it is almost unbelievable that something like this can be accomplished without medications.

Speaking of which, I don’t know if I’ve shared this on the forum or not before, but my wife joined me on Keto last January. In July, her Dr. took her off of the high BP meds that she had been taking since she was 35. So, that is my next goal. Now that the liver is where it needs to be, I want to get off of my remaining high BP meds. I think that I can do it.


Good stuff! The doc told me to stop taking metformin too…no need!

I’ll still go blood checks though, just in case.

The gin puts my heart rate and BP up- I’ve been monitoring it.
Complete obvious trend.


That is excellent. My A1C is down to 5.5. Still monitoring my glucose numbers, but thankfully everything looks good there.

Coffee effects my heart rate and BP similarly. It also seems to elevate my glucose the next morning. If I skip coffee all together, I’ll wake up at 96-100. If I have coffee the day before, it will be in the 110 range. I know I need to get off of it all together. But, it tastes so darn good…LOL


Hi moon,

Yip, over here (UK) we measure a bit differently.

For example, I believe 42 is pre diabetes, and anything above 48 is full blown diagnosed (T2) diabetes. This the metric of us measuring HBA1c over here.

I was 52, now I’m 37…normal! :slight_smile:

Here’s a table to illustrate the different measurements (apologies, not trying to teach you to suck eggs…you may already know!).


Wow. That is an excellent improvement. Congrats.

I’m always happy to learn from other areas and how they approach or translate a subject. Thanks for the information.


So I got to the end of the second part of the table, first row (52), then bounce back to half way along the first part of the table.

I’m due a blood screen soon; might even be better now.


What’s worrying for others, there are three more parts of that scale. I genuinely feel for people that go that far- they mustn’t feel well at all.

(Karen) #19

Amazing thank you for sharing. It was so good you had your doctors backing too. :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Congrats! That’s awesome!